5 Dermatologist Secrets for Great Skin

Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars and hours of your time going to a fancy dermatologist’s office to makeover your skin with lasers and needles, but why not go easy on your wallet and get comparable results on the cheap? We asked top dermatologists to spill their secrets on how to easily turn back the clock on your skin, sans the shocking price tag. Read on to get the scoop.

Age Spots

Pricey: A series of chemical peels to lighten uneven pigmentation.

Affordable: Lemon juice! According to Dr. Elizabeth Hale, Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at the New York University of School of Medicine, the alpha hydroxy acid in lemons is similar to the ingredients you’d find in a dermatologist’s peel. The acids gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin, which fades spots over time. Rub freshly squeezed juice onto dark spots and let it sit for five to 10 minutes. Do this daily or ever other day and you’ll see results in a few weeks.


Pricey: Injectible fillers (Restylane, Perlane, etc.)

Affordable: Peptide creams! Peptides are chains of amino acids that help cells function. When put in a cream or serum, they can help your skin repair wrinkles and lines.  Check your local drugstore for ones that cost about $20. Apply to clean skin, and be sure to use a daily sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to prevent future damage


Pricey: Laser treatments

Affordable: Scar bandages! Dr. Debra Jaliman, dermatologist from the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, says silicone scar bandages work to prevent new scars, and even help fade old ones. She recommends wearing one around the clock, and only removing it when you bathe. The scar should fade in six to eight weeks because the bandage acts like a “scab” which allows the skin underneath to fully heal.

Crow’s Feet

Pricey: Botox injections

Affordable: Sunglasses! Lines around the eyes happen when repeated motion (smiling, squinting) causes permanent grooves to form in the skin. Since we don’t expect (or want) you to stop smiling any time soon, you can prevent and reduce squinting lines by outfitting your face with large, dark, UV-protective sunglasses every time you head outside during daylight hours.


Pricey: Facelift

Affordable: Change your sleeping position! If you sleep on your side or your stomach, night after night you are mushing your face – and skin – into your pillow. The repeated pressure eventually breaks down collagen and elastin (the building blocks of firm skin) to create sagging, wrinkly spots. Train yourself to sleep on your back by propping pillows around your head, or buy investing in a special pillow that keeps your head in place while you sleep.

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