5 Easy Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of Veggies

woman eating salad healthy vegetables

Our moms and grandmothers were right about making us eat our vegetables! We all know they are a major part of a healthy and well-balanced diet. They offer vitamins, nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants that our bodies need to function.

But with our busy schedules and sometimes grabbing whatever we can find at the time, incorporating five servings of veggies into our diet can often seem like a daunting task.

Try these quick tips to get your veggies in on a daily basis and never worry about eating healthy again! Warning: This may appear too easy, and your friends and family may become envious of you. Simply tell them to transform their green jealously into a quick and easy green smoothie and join the very easy veggie club!

  1. Sneak them into a smoothie. Start with almond milk or another organic milk base. Throw in a few fruits and pick a green leafy vegetable or two with a carrot. Add ice or water to thin it out. Add an additional fruit like a banana or apple for sweetness.
  2. Stack them in a salad. Pick your favorite green, like spinach, and add zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, or your other favorites.
  3. Snack on raw cut veggies. Celery and carrots are probably the most portable veggies to snack on. (My personal favorite is an English cucumber.) Slice your favorites up and serve with hummus.
  4. Whip up an omelet. Eat one of these for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Try a kale and red pepper omelets or a spinach and mushroom one might really hit the spot.
  5. Fire up the grill. Roasted veggies are easy! Sprinkle a little balsamic vinegar and lay them out on a skewer. In just a few minutes, your kebabs will be done.

Now you see how easy it is to get your vegetables in each day. Share a few with your friends and family. They will be sure to thank you and might treat you to a homemade smoothie to show off their own skills!