A Holiday Gift She Will Really Love

This one’s for the guys.

You’ve been there. A romantic evening. Passion and expectations leading to intimacy and an attempt at intercourse only to find that, despite her interest and eagerness, you hear cries of  “OW, OW, OMG … Stop!” instead of cries of delight.

Now, I have written about vaginal dryness before, and talked about lubes, moisturizers, and estrogens. But what I haven’t talked about is that it isn’t necessarily the woman who should be supplying it. Guys, it’s time to GO SHOPPING.

The key to being the most popular guy on the block – or at least in your house – is simple. Give her a gift of being prepared with the slippery stuff instead of waiting for her to get it. Will she be upset? Are you kidding? She will be ecstatic that you have taken matters into your own hands, and you still find her so sexy that you are dying to make mad passionate love to her. You don’t need to have a discussion or get her permission. I’m giving you permission.

The world of lubes is confusing and there are a lot of products out there. You will see shelves of vaginal lubricants that warm up, light up, and come with a theme song. Your first impulse will be to grab the bottle at the very end of the aisle, while stocking up on shampoo and deodorant to hide the fact that vaginal lubricant is the only thing on your list. But take some time with your decision, because this is an important one.

I am a fan of silicone lubricants since they tend to be the most slippery, longest lasting and least irritating. Silicone lubes are a little pricier than water based lubes, but well worth it. Just as your wife prefers designer fragrances over the $4 perfumes from the corner drugstore, she’ll recognize a good lube. You get what you pay for. Wrap it up with a beautiful bow, throw in a few candles, and maybe a gorgeous nightgown.

Don’t wait until you are in the middle of having sandpaper sex to whip out the lube. Store it in a handy place, like under the bed. You don’t want to have to go on the hunt. As soon as you get an erection, apply the lube all over your penis (it will feel good!). Bonus: She will be happy to help. Use your fingers to apply the lube to the outside of her vagina. No need to put it inside (your penis will take care of that).

You will be amazed at the difference. Not only did you make things more slippery, but she will be in awe that you thought of it, supplied it, and knew what to do with it. Nothing makes a woman hotter than being with a sweet, sensitive man who can ensure that sex is pleasurable instead of painful. That kind of confidence and consideration will translate to a better sex life – and a better relationship.

This is one holiday secret that is too good to keep to yourself. Spread the word to your guy friends. Their wives and girlfriends will thank you. One word of caution – this may not be the gift that you want her to open in front of the whole family Christmas morning – so you may still need to spring for a little jewelry or something else on her wishlist.