A Secret Beauty Tip From Scandinavia

BerriesAsk a Nordic woman how the ladies from her corner of the globe are so effortlessly beautiful, and she’ll say it’s nothing more than good moisturizer and good genes. Those genes, though, are bolstered by two key ingredients: A healthy diet and an active, on-the-go-lifestyle, both of which are just parts of life in the Nordic region.

Along with applying a thick moisturizer, bundling up in warm layers before venturing out into the cold and leading healthy, active lives, one of their biggest secrets is consuming a specific type of food: Berries. Not just any berries, but Nordic berries — superfruits that grow in a part of the world where the sun doesn’t set in summer, and that are plumper, richer and exponentially more powerful than any berry anywhere else in the world. “They’re soaking in sunlight around the clock for 24 hours straight,” says Joe Pastorkovich, VP North America for Finnish skincare company Lumene, “and this makes their vitamin and antioxidant properties a full 81% richer than any cultivated berry.” Those vitamins and antioxidants have anti-inflammatory effects, which help keep skin young and plump and can even prevent heart attacks.

In the Nordic region, berries — blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, to name but a few — are ubiquitous. They’re eaten plain or atop breakfast cereals, and they’re mixed into desserts, cooked into jams and pressed to make juices and liqueurs.

Companies have been harnessing the powerful properties of these berries to integrate them in a sustainable manner into various creams and skincare products — which means more women may have a chance to reap the benefits of the raw power of the Nordic region’s natural bounty and cultivate their natural beauty.

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