A Simple Trick to Accomplish Your Resolutions


Anyone can set a goal, and anyone can take steps in the direction of a goal. But what happens after a couple of weeks or even days? Most of us fall off and never get back up. Why? It is difficult to make changes and keep them going. We are creatures of habit that long for what we know and what feels comfortable. Most of our resolutions are well intended, but they don’t stand the test of time. Here are three tips to create resolutions that stick and that will help you go on to accomplish your most amazing ambitions yet!

1. Center your resolutions around fun.

Frame them as an enjoyable activity. For instance, if you want to work out three times a week, try creating a goal that will have you excited about it in advance. If you love to dance, sign up for line dancing. If you love to bike, join a cycling group. We will always do things we enjoy, so find a way to make your resolutions fun. Even balancing your checkbook can be framed as an enjoyable activity. Partner it with your favorite tea house or coffee shop by declaring you will balance your checkbook at this special place on a regular basis. You’ll soon get in a groove where your enjoyment of the place will be connected with the activity.

2. Make your resolution an emotional accomplishment.

The more your goals are linked with your personality and feelings, the more you derive added benefits outside of its inherent qualities. Spend time thinking about how each goal will make you feel as you are working toward it and after you accomplish it. Feeling intelligent, powerful, creative, fun, loving, kind and wealthy are powerful motivators. Use these feelings as added fuel to propel you on your journey. Say them repeatedly in your mind before, after and during each activity. Soon, you will start to hear it even before you begin.

3. Write your goals down.

There is amazing power in written goals. Make them visible daily. Read them often with their emotional connection. The value of written goals is well researched and documented. Make them colorful. Add pictures, cutouts, graphs and whatever else grabs your attention and makes your goal most real to you.

Just remember FEW. Make your resolutions:

  • Fun
  • Emotional
  • Written

With these three tips you will be one of the lucky FEW who will go on to achieve their goals this 2015.