A Voice for Diabetes

Businesswoman Shouting Through Megaphone, Oversharing

I was diagnosed with diabetes three and a half years ago. Thankfully, I was able to act on the diagnoses quickly and avoid some of the deadly complications.

As a worldwide diabetes advocate, my battle with diabetes has extended beyond my own health. I have worked with organizations and healthcare companies, including those that make medicine for diabetes. Unlike many other conditions or diseases, I don’t see a lot of unity or solidarity among the diabetic community. Sure, many participate in the walks and some fundraisers, but I don’t feel that we truly have a movement that will make progress in the fight against diabetes.

I strongly believe that we need someone with a powerful voice like my great-uncle, Bob Marley, to fire us up! Someone who help spread the word that there are approximately 350 million people suffering daily from diabetes. Someone who will inspire a movement and unite those millions into a powerful voice for the cause.

As Bob Marley once sang, I believe “it takes a revolution to make a solution.” That’s truly what we need as the number of diabetes diagnoses continues to increase. More people are getting sick and we need more and more voices to help educate people about the disease. After all, one of the best ways to help prevent future suffering is by teaching others what they can do to prevent diabetes.

Let’s stand up and work together! I hope you will join me as I walk in my great uncle’s footsteps and use my voice to help ignite change.