An Easy Trick to Move More This Summer

Runner athlete legs running on stairs. woman fitness jogging workout wellness concept.

Summer can be an extremely exciting time for all of us, school is out and it’s finally time for family vacations and weekend getaways. We can’t wait to explore new horizons and enjoy ourselves. But what happens to our workout routine when we take a break from it all? Because let’s face it, exercise usually gets left behind. What if there was a way to sneak in your workout no matter where you go without paying gym fees or lug any equipment with you in your suitcase? There is! Let me introduce you to the Summer Elevator Busters Challenge!

Here’s the scoop: wherever you go, if there are stairs or ramps, take them. Take them up and take them down. If you can only handle a few, start with that and build your endurance up. For those needing a lower impact variation, choose the handicap accessible ramps instead of the stairs. Either way, you’ll be getting your legs, thighs, and butt muscles moving, on top of getting your heart (the most important muscle) pumping.

In just one day, you’ll be surprised at how much activity you can get in. Simply walking to find the stairs or ramps will increase your steps. From the hotel to the museum steps and back will be enough to hold your head up high! Mix it up and challenge your friends and loved ones with you. Bonus: taking the stairs or ramps can shave off wait times when many guests are in line for the elevators. That means you’ll be first in line for a restaurant or a new exhibit on a group tour. A nice added benefit of exercise!

So start the challenge today! Make sure you are prepared with comfortable shoes and a water bottle. Always check with your health care provider if you are new to exercise or haven’t been active in a while. Start out slowly and take breaks whenever you need them. Just know that at the very same time you are walking up your ramp, I am somewhere in a stairwell, pushing myself as well! Let’s do this!