Apply Blush Like a Pro

Set of black make-up brushes in row

Blush is a very underrated product. When applied correctly, blush instantly perks up a tired complexion and shaves years off your face! Why? Rosy cheeks are a sign of health (good circulation) and youth (skin naturally pales with age).

They key is making it look 100% natural with these pro tips – no clown cheeks here.

1) Don’t suck in puff up
It seems that many women in their mid-30s and up remember the days of yesteryear when our moms taught us to apply blush by sucking in our cheeks and applying the color to the bony part sticking out. Blush should mimic a natural flush. Smile so cheesily that the meatiest part of your cheeks is visible in your peripheral vision when you glance downward.

2) Fluff on your puff
Use a fluffy blush brush to apply your blush to the direct center of the apples of your cheeks (aka the meatiest part as indicated above). The strongest color should remain in the center.

3) Blend out to nothing
After you apply the color to the center of your apples, dust the residual color off of your brush onto a paper towel. Now use the clean brush to feather the color outward from the center of your cheeks toward your temples and jaw in a circular motion until the color fades into nothing.

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