Be Honest: Do You Wash Your Face Every Night?

face washingA lot of you don’t.

Listen, we get it. At the end of a crazy busy day, all you want to do is crash. But, you may not realize that simply washing your face at the end of the day could be the easiest way to make your skin look more radiant and have fewer issues like blackheads, pimples and large pores.

During the day, your face builds up a layer of oil, dead skin cells, bacteria and sweat. When makeup is added, this creates a situation that can lead to clogged, dilated pores, breakouts and dull skin. In the evening, it’s important to remove all of this so that your skin can renew itself.

Another benefit of washing your face before bed: Your skin will absorb more antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients that are in your nighttime serum or moisturizer, therefore giving you more radiant results. Hello, glow!

Here’s the most ironic part: You actually don’t have to wash your face in the morning if you washed it the night before. Yet, most of us wash our face first thing in the morning, but bag it at bedtime. The reasoning is that since your skin has been clean all night, it just needs a quick rinse off to remove your nighttime moisturizer before applying any daytime serums, creams and makeup.

So wash up every night, leaving your face slightly damp, which will help your skin better absorb any serum or moisturizer that you’ll apply next.

That doesn’t sound so hard, does it? It’s such a simple thing, but we promise that if you can commit to washing your face every single night before hitting the hay, you’ll look better longer.

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