Beauty Secrets From the Caribbean

aloe vera

A small but growing number of Caribbean beauticians, scientists and entrepreneurs are pioneering a movement to bring awareness back to the many natural treasures that the region abounds with. They are hoping to shed light on the cornucopia of plants, leaves, fruits and flowers of the islands that, although a staple part of health and wellness in the past, has fallen out of favor with younger generations.

Here are two of the many standout ingredients that Caribbean women use to enhance their natural beauty.

Aloe: Because of the blinding heat of the tropical sun, it’s a blessing that nature has been so bountiful and that plants like the miraculous aloe, whose leaves contain a gel that is bursting with nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, and which calms and cools the skin and protects it against the sun, should abound in the Caribbean.

Try keeping an aloe plant in your home, and break open the leaves for instant access to the cooling gel that can be used as a moisturizer and sunburn-soother.

Goats’ Milk: The fat in this milk contains high amounts of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), in particular lactic acid, which sloughs off dead cells when applied topically, revealing newer and brighter skin underneath. Goats’ milk is also packed with vitamin A, which repairs damaged skin, and minerals such as selenium, which can guard against the effects of the sun.

At home, soak paper towels in cold goats’ milk, wring them out, and place on your face as a anti-aging, skin-brightening facial treatment. It’s also excellent for soothing rosacea flare-ups.

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