Bringing Love and Romance Into Your Heart and Home the Vastu Way

happy couple in bed

Cowritten by Michael and Robin Mastro

Vastu shastra, the sacred Hindu tradition that creates harmonious, stress-free living and working environments can support your success in all areas of life. Vastu even assists you in eliminating obstructions by freeing up stuck energy and setting the stage to fulfill your deepest heart’s desires for love and romance. After all, what is more important in life than to give and receive love?  You may have all the success, money and fame the world has to offer, but love in its many forms is the nectar that nurtures and sustains us all.

Vastu offers practical tips to cultivate more love and romance in your life in easy-to-incorporate ways. To ensure success, you should set the stage in your mind and environment for what it is you do want (not what you don’t want), and move through your day with certainty that success will be yours. These tips will help eliminate environmental stress and are beneficial for anyone, whether you are looking for love or wishing to revive the spark of love and romance in an existing relationship.

  • According to vastu, clutter creates stagnation and limits the flow of positive energy. If you have clutter in the northeast area of your home, you probably have a difficult time feeling grounded and centered, which makes it hard to know what it is you want in your relationships with others, as well as your relationship with yourself. You might even find that people you initially find attractive and/or interesting lack sincerity once you get to know them.
  • If you have clutter in the southeast part of your home, your passion and enthusiasm for love and life is most likely diminished. Clutter in this area blocks the fire you need to sustain sexuality and intimacy, two things that keep romantic relationships interesting. Decluttering this direction will give you the fire to generate interest and maintain attraction.
  • Clutter under your bed represents all the things in your life that weigh you down and keeps your mind subtly connected to the past. Storing clutter here will also affect your subconscious mind and cause disruption during sleep. Reducing clutter in this region symbolically releases the past and opens the door to future possibilities.

Most people do not consider their bedroom a haven for intimacy. Whether or not you are currently in a relationship, if you desire intimacy in your life and your bedroom is uninviting, think of the subtle and not-so-subtle messages you are sending yourself, much less another. Research shows more and more that lack of sleep contributes to both physical and mental disorders. A study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley cited conflict-resolution skills and ability to accurately gauge partners’ emotions suffered after a bad night’s sleep. Bottom line: It’s difficult to feel romantic when you’re tired and grumpy. Vastu offers many practical solutions to create ambience in the bedroom and improve the quality of your sleep:

  • Remove or cover mirrors in your bedroom that you can see while sitting up in bed. When you sleep, stress and tired energy leave your body. If there is a mirror facing the bed, it will reflect the stress and tiredness back to you.
  • If you have a television in the bedroom, cover it with silk at night. Even when it’s turned off, a television adds stress to the environment.
  • Turn off your phone at night. Having a phone in the bedroom can interfere with restful sleep.
  • A large, square-shaped rock placed directly under the head of your bed will ground the energy for a more restful night’s sleep. It should be at least the size of your fist. It’s recommended not to use granite.
  • Refresh your bedroom and create ambience by adding any shade of red, from the darkest of reds and burgundies to the lightest of pinks, as accent colors. Red fires up your physiology, increases enthusiasm and stimulates energy. It enlivens the base chakra, which is related to passion and sexuality.

If your love life lacks luster, you may need to challenge the status quo. By implementing these vastu suggestions, you will create more harmony and positive energy within yourself and your living space, which is an important step in attracting more love and romance in your life. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new opens the door, and your heart, to new possibilities.

Much of the information presented in this blog comes from Making Room for Mr. Right ~ How to Attract the Love of Your Life, by Michael and Robin Mastro, two of the foremost Western scholars, teachers and practitioners of the science of vastu shastra. The Mastros have been helping people reduce the stress in homes and workspaces, eliminating the need for remodeling or demolition, for more than 40 years. Their individual and corporate clients experience more peace, productivity and success in all areas of life.

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