Change Your Perception of Your Reflection

Woman trying clothing

Look at your reflection in the mirror and tell me what you see. Do you see yourself as overweight? Do you feel like you are good just the way you are?

The reflection you see in a mirror isn’t necessarily the way you might appear to others. A mirror can be very misleading. Some mirrors will make you appear bigger than you are while others will make you seem smaller. Which one would you choose?

Sometimes it can feel like the race is on to be the hottest looking person on the planet. You may have high expectations for instant results when you first start dieting and working out. Keeping up with perceived beauty can be difficult than walking a tight rope on a snowy day. In the end, the mirror has become the judge and jury on how we view ourselves. We allow our reflections to restrain us from moving forward but I’m here to help you change your perception.

So What’s the Solution?
Knowing who you are or what you look like should not be based around the reflection of a mirror. You should base this fact on how you feel inside. A mirror should not dictate your level of confidence nor should it prevent you from living a happy life.

A reflection in a mirror will only reflect the way you perceive yourself. You will be the one to create the image you want to become part of your reality. If you see yourself as fat, then that is exactly how you will appear in a mirror. If you see yourself as beautiful and irresistible, then that is the reflection you will see looking back at you.

You are the one who creates the image you see.

Instead of using a mirror to see what you look like, try using the mirror to remind yourself that you are not alone in life. Use it as a constant reminder that no matter where you go in this world you will always have yourself. You should view yourself as the best person on the planet and do not allow others to smother your image of yourself.

Make your mirror image the true reflection of who you are. Be the best you can be and reflect your true image through your actions. See yourself as someone easy on the eyes with a purpose in this world. You can do it!