Cleanse With a Tasty Spice Blend

spice blend

As winter makes way for spring, we can say happily say goodbye to the indulgences of the holiday season and the cabin fever blahs. Refresh with these detoxifying spices and herbs!

This spice blend from my Secrets of Longevity Cookbook will help detoxify and cleanse your body, and these herbs will also help alleviate some of the sluggish, worn down physical conditions I most commonly see among my patients after a busy winter. And you can make this tasty spice blend yourself!

Cleansing Detox Spice/Herb Blend

Mix 1 tablespoon of each:

Dried parsley


Dried rosemary

Ground ginger

Cayenne pepper


Fennel seed

When possible, grind up spices from the original dry source. Store in a glass jar for up to six months. To use, simply add the spice blend to your meals just as you are finishing cooking the dish – about 1 minute before you turn off the heat. Add to your soups and stir-frys, veggies, fish, bean or grain dishes for a tasty, cleansing boost. For a detoxifying bonus, feature a lot of greens in your dishes, especially kale, spinach, mustard greens.

Parsley: A Green Detox Machine

Far more important than its low status as a garnish on your plate, parsley has one of the highest levels of chlorophyll of any herb. The high level of chlorophyll can help boost immunity, lower inflammation, and clear toxins. Parsley is traditionally used as a diuretic, which is thought to strengthen the bladder and support kidney function. Additionally, parsley contains alpha-linolenic acid, the omega-3 fatty acid that may help prevent cardiovascular disease and arthritis. With all these benefits, you will want to put parsley in everything from your juices and smoothies to your salads and soups.

Turmeric: Circulation Booster

This orange-colored spice makes a frequent appearance in curry dishes, and boasts anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-tumor properties. Additionally, turmeric promotes circulation, prevents blood clots, and decreases inflammation. It is also thought to accelerate the detoxification process in the whole body by increasing bile production and release

Rosemary: Stimulates Digestion and Cleansing

This fragrant, perennial herb has been used since ancient times to flavor cooking and it was also used to preserve meat. As it turns out, rosemary’s high level of antioxidants may play a role in protecting against food spoilage—and also protecting your bodily tissues from free radical damage. It is rosemary’s ability to stimulate the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems that is thought by herbalists to help cleanse your body. Also, taken alone, rosemary can be a helpful digestive aid for settling your stomach. This is a great herb to grow in your kitchen window, whether you want to cook with fresh needles, or hang upside down to dry out and add to a spice/herb blend.