Diabetes: On the Road to Awareness

StreetWhen I was diagnosed three years ago with type 2 diabetes, I made it my goal to educate and inspire others who were dealing with the same condition. I want to reach the millions in America who are walking around with undiagnosed diabetes. I am on a mission to transform lives.

For the past three years I have fought tooth and nail to champion awareness, and at times it was a very lonely fight. It takes “a revolution to make a solution,” my late uncle, reggae legend Bob Marley, once said in a song he wrote. I feel the same way today. I don’t just want to be a weekend warrior for diabetes – I want to be the face of diabetes for the millions who could relate to my story. I want to be the champion for those out there who need a shoulder to lean on.

This October, I’m hitting the road in an RV, heading out to share my story. I will take my team across this great land to educate and inspire diabetics in need. The tour will stop at doctors’ offices and hospitals, clinics and scores of other locations. The RV idea was inspired by the Big Red Bus, which collects blood donations. The solution was to create my own and be the people’s champion. We will have diabetes educators and doctors joining us along the way. People will be able to get information on diabetes and diabetes complications, and they will learn how to avoid issues related to diabetes. I will have some of my own recipes and tons of great information on diabetes.

With 4.8 million deaths related to diabetes last year we have to do something different – the old ways are not working. Diabetes is a leading cause of heart disease and blindness. In the U.S., it also takes more lives than AIDS and breast cancer combined. The RV tour can shed light on the issues that face not only diabetics and the business of diabetes but get the conversations about this disease into the mainstream.

I can’t wait to tour across America, including the “diabetes belt,” and hear your stories. Together, we can heal, reverse the stigma and stem the tide of diabetes as a silent killer. Take your health back – take your life back! It takes a revolution. Let’s start today!

Find out where I’ll be stopping here.