DIY Tips to Groom Your Brows Like a Pro

young attractive woman correcting eyebrow over blue background

Brows seem so innocent, but good grooming can instantly transform your face, making your eyes look younger and more awake. But if you’re going to shape your brows at home, be sure to take it slow and really think about what you’re doing. Over-plucking can lead to too-thin brows, which ages the face, since brows tend to naturally thin with age. This is why full brows are associated with youth and health. Try these tips and tricks straight from the pros to get brows that really fit your face. 

Getting Trim
To start, brush your brows up in the direction the hair grows. Using brow scissors, cut just the tips of the longer hairs. Make sure to trim in the direction of the hair growth, brushing through while trimming. Remember: Less is more. You can always cut more later.

Getting in Shape
Brow shapes fall into mostly three categories: a full arch like Megan Fox, a subtler arc like Fergie or a straighter brow like Natalie Portman. Work with what you have instead of creating an arch where none naturally exists. If past plucking makes it hard to see your natural shape, look at a picture of yourself from when you were young.

Use tweezers with a sharp, slanted, elongated tip for best results to keep from piercing and breaking the hair. You want to remove one hair at a time – never tweeze in clumps! – and pull in the direction of hair growth. Less is also more with tweezing.

Toning Up
Fill in the brows starting at the inside, bottom corner and working your way out along the edge, with a freshly sharpened brow pencil. Repeat on top, filling in where you need extra coverage. Your brows should start directly parallel from each side of your nose. Imagine a line that goes from the outer corner of your nose and extends past the outer corner of your eye – that’s where they should end.

After filling them in, set brows with a gel that doesn’t clump or leave flakes. A waterproof formula is ideal to keep brows in place, no matter how active your day.

Accentuating Your Curves
Apply a highlighting pencil about a millimeter under where you drew the bottom eyebrow pencil line for a “Hollywood” glow. You can also use a matte or shimmer highlighting pencil to conceal new hair growth in between tweezing.

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