Exercise for Spousal Arousal and a Bigger Brain

Senior Couple Exercising In Park

There is only one organ in the body where size matters when it comes to staying young – your brain, and specifically your hippocampus. That’s right, if your hippocampus stays big, or gets bigger, your brain function and memory stay big.  The keys to building a bigger brain are exercise and stress relief. The two often go hand in hand. Like you and your spouse.

You and your spouse have vowed to stick with each other “through sickness and in health.” Today, let’s focus on the health part.

We know partners who play together, stay together. Seems when you and your true love share sweat (from exercise), you build strong emotional bonds along with stamina for your muscles. Working out with your partner demonstrates that you care about his or her physical health – and your own. It let’s them know you like to spend time together; and it builds trust and interdependence as you both work to expand your endurance and physical abilities.

Another plus: When you and your honey workout together, you’re more likely to stick with the exercise routine, whether it’s walking, biking, golfing or swimming, and make lasting lifestyle upgrades in other areas too – eating better, not smoking, and becoming less stressed.

But if those aren’t reasons enough to form an exercise duo, listen up! Exercise stimulates the production of make-you-happy brain chemicals, and increases your libido and your feelings of arousal. That’s right! Couples who exercise together regularly report better and more frequent sex.

Improved memory and a better sex life, too? What’s not to like? So repeat after me and my wife Nancy: “Honey – grab your sneakers!

-Young Dr. Mike, The Enforcer