Fight Age-Related Frizz

Did you know that hair gets frizzier with age? Think about it. Have your annoying fly-aways gotten worse over time, but you haven’t been able to figure out why?

Here’s the deal: In a Japanese study, scientists found that individual strands get curvier with age (the scientists aren’t clear on why this happens, just that it does), and the bends in the hair create weak spots that let moisture in and out. This phenomenon paired with the way the curvier hair doesn’t lay in as uniform a way creates the perfect storm for renegade kinky strands that stick out like they have a mind of their own. There isn’t anything you can do to stop the curving from happening, but you can remedy the visible effects.

For starters, I know it’s tempting to skip conditioner in the shower because you think it will weigh down your hair, but this is the best first step to calming frizz. Look for labels with words like “smoothing” or “sleek” and you’ll know they are designed to stay weightless on the hair.

After your shower, gently blot hair dry with a microfiber hair towel. Attacking it with a regular towel roughs up strands and is a one-way ticket to Frizzville. Finally, invest in humidity-resistant hair care, and if you’re in a pinch and desperate, of course there’s the old hairdresser trick: Spritz your fingers with hairspray and smooth them over the fly-aways.

For a detailed analysis of your hair and other age-related hair woes, check out the Hair Age Quiz on YouBeauty. You’ll get personalized tips based on your hair science.