Firm Your Legs and Butt

deadlift weights

Just about every woman would like nice, firm legs and a great looking backside. My female clients often tell me that they have tried everything under the sun and still fail to gain the results they are looking for.

When I ask them to explain the steps they take to firm up, they usually tell me that they spend time running on the treadmill, cycling, using the elliptical and pumping out some squats.

Okay! So here is the problem: Running on a treadmill or doing a long ride on a spin bike or rotating on the elliptical will not develop your legs the way you would like to see them developed.

Firming legs and toning your butt (glutes) requires a great deal of external force. Your legs and glutes are the biggest muscles groups in your body. Doing basic squats are ok if you are looking to maintain. But you will have to rev up your workout with some serious weights if you want to firm. However, remember that you should not do any weight lifting without the approval of your doctor, as it may be dangerous for people with certain medical conditions. Make sure you learn the proper training and technique before starting your workout in order to avoid injury.

Here are my 4 power moves you must do to firm and tighten your legs and butt (glutes).

1. Dumbbell squats: I am not a big fan of the barbell squats due to the compression they place on your spine. Dumbbell squats put more emphasis on your quadriceps and glutes. Dumbbells also provide free range of motion, unlike the barbell.

2. Dead lifts: This is great for your hamstrings, glutes, arms, shoulders, lower and upper back, abs and even your pectorals (chest). You can use either dumbbells or barbell for this exercise. If you do not have access to weights, you can utilize items in your home, such as a suitcase filled with clothing.

3. Reverse lunge: this movement will challenge your balance and build excellent core muscles along with strong legs. It puts less stress on your knees in comparison to standard lunges.

4. Plié squat with dumbbell: The emphasis with this exercise is mainly your inner thighs and outer glutes. You will need a dumbbell for this exercise. This will help to firm those stubborn inner thigh muscles.

So there you have it, my four power moves for firming and toning your legs and butt. Keep in mind; it will not be very efficient if you shy away from weights. Your weight choice must be heavy but manageable. If you do not know what I mean by heavy, allow me to simplify it for you. Doing more than 10 reps without breaking a sweat places you in the light zone. You should experience muscle fatigue before you get to eight repetitions, but still be able to complete a set. Your legs will thank you later.