Get Rid of the Clutter and Change Your Life Through Vastu


Cowritten by Michael and Robin Mastro

The impact of clutter on our life was written about thousands of years ago in sacred texts from India called the Vedas that presented the science of placement and architecture called Vastu Shastra. Vastu addresses how your home and work environments, when properly balanced, can enhance the quality of your life.

According to Vastu, everything in the universe, including your bed, your body and your favorite chair, is composed of the same five elements: earth, air, water, fire and space. When one of these elements is out of balance due to poor design of your home or office or blocked because of clutter, you will feel it in some way.

The primary way to improve the flow of energy and invite positive change in your home or office is to remove clutter. Clutter creates stagnant energy, which is an obstacle to success in all your endeavors. According to Vastu, people who live in clutter-free environments will be productive and enjoy a better quality of life.

Over a ten-year period, a collaborative study at UCLA observed 32 Los Angeles families and found that all of the mothers’ stress hormones spiked during the time they spent dealing with their belongings. Even a house with naturally good Vastu, or one that has been balanced according to the principles of Vastu, can be weighed down with stuck, negative energy if clutter is present.

Clutter is like the debris that gathers in stagnated pools or a sluggish river with many twists and turns. The slow-moving or inactive energy makes you feel tired and muddies your thinking. It’s as though you’re dragging the past around with you. Clutter prevents you from experiencing the freedom of easy movement and blocks the energy you need to transform your life. Simply put: When the energy doesn’t flow, the good that this energy can bring is held back.

The act of saving things for the future amounts to being distrustful that life will work out for you. By clearing clutter, you will experience a tremendous amount of energy that will generate opportunities by allowing new things to come to you.

Vastu shows you that where your clutter is will impact you in very specific ways:

1. When there is clutter in the southwest area of your home or office, the stability of the earth element will be influenced and reduced and you will feel setbacks in your career, business or life purpose. Because clutter affects support in this area, it can also physically affect your feet, ankles, legs, spine and neck.

2. Clutter in the northwest impacts the air element and will affect the quality of your relationships and peace of mind. If you have clutter in this area of your home or workspace, you will feel more stressed out, affecting your communication with others and the success of your relationships.

3. If you have clutter building in the northeast it will reduce the water element and impact your abundance. This will show itself as obstacles to your material and spiritual growth. Reduce the clutter and see an improvement in finances and your connection to self and spirit.

4. When clutter is present in the southeast it will impact the fire element, reducing your vigor and vitality. You may feel tired and sluggish and experience health challenges related to your immune system and inflammation in the body.

5. In Vastu, earth, water, fire and air come from the space element. If you have clutter in the center of your home, even if it’s a coat closet, it blocks the space element and every area of your life will be affected.

Clutter clearing can be daunting to accomplish. We suggest you begin by doing a little every day–a drawer, a cabinet, even a file. By making a commitment to lighten the clutter, even in small ways, you will feel much clearer and experience more energy in all areas of your life.

Much of the information presented in this blog comes from The Way of Vastu, by Michael and Robin Mastro, two of the foremost Western scholars, teachers and practitioners of the science of Vastu Shastra. The Mastros have been helping people reduce the stress in homes and workspaces, eliminating the need for remodeling or demolition, for over 40 years. Their individual and corporate clients experience more peace, productivity and success in all areas of life.

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