Get Your Skin Ready for Summer This Spring

Couple on a beach

April may just be getting started, but the time to think about looking your best this summer is now. A good diet and exercise program is the best way to help you slim down overall and tone those areas that have gotten soft over the winter months. For areas that require more help, there are non-surgical body contouring treatments that can spot reduce stubborn bulges and contour the body.

Treatments such as cryolipolysis and focused ultrasound can destroy fat cells permanently without cutting the skin. Although the results are less dramatic than the surgical option, liposuction, these two treatments can help smooth and shrink the abdomen, thighs, and waist with little or no recovery time.  It takes up to three months to see the results from these kinds of treatments, so the best time to have them done to look great over the summer is now.

For a fuzz-free summer, a series of laser hair removal treatments will work nicely. However, since it can take 3 to 5 monthly treatments to get the best hair reduction, think about getting started with treatments in the spring. Be sure to go to an office that specializes in laser hair removal to reduce side effects and get the best results possible. The treatments are best done on skin that is not tan – which is another reason to think about getting started with treatments now to be ready for the beach.

And once you are toned up and hair-free, don’t forget to protect your skin at the beach with a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30, sunglasses and a hat. Your skin will thank you for it!