Homemade Sea Salt Spray for Beach Waves

Young Woman Enjoying On Beach

Beach waves à la Gisele Bundchen are always on our hair wish list – but an actual trip to the beach isn’t always an option. Besides, sometimes that “day at the beach hair” is less sexy, tousled waves and more of a sand-filled mop topped with greasy sunscreen.

The actual concept of these loose waves involves the sea salt in the ocean that’s known to give your hair texture that creates a messy (aka “beachy”) look that’s so coveted, companies now bottle it for big bucks. Here’s the deal: You don’t need to spend a ton of money when you can make it at home. We’ve tested the best recipes for a DIY salt spray, and this one makes the cut for the best at-home beach waves.

Recipe for DIY Sea Salt Spray:

8 oz warm water
4 or 5 drops of the essential oil of your choosing (coconut has a great beachy scent) or macadamia oil
2 tsp of coarse sea salt or Epsom salt
1 tsp of gel

Add all the above together in a spray bottle and shake! Spray on towel-dried hair and scrunch with hands.

Most products on shelves contain alcohol or too much salt, which can dry out strands (just like the ocean itself!), so this homemade version is a good alternative that works and won’t strip your hair of hydration.