How to Make Fitness a Family Affair


Making fitness a priority can be tough. We are all overscheduled, overworked and overwhelmed and have many things vying for our attention. It is hard enough for an individual to get into the habit of regular exercise. Coordinating fitness for the entire family might sounds daunting and impossible at first thought. But what if getting the crew together to workout was easier than going it alone? Research shows that it can be! Here’s why:

Built-in environment: The home is the perfect place to work out. There is zero travel involved and you are entirely familiar with your surroundings. That’s half the battle since it keeps us from saying we’re too tired or too far from the gym to get out an exercise.

Comfortable setting: Many are intimidated by the buff-looking gym rats who inhabit most gyms and fitness centers. You may stress about your clothing or lack of expertise with machines. At home, there is no need to prove anything to anyone. You can be yourself with those who know you better than anyone.

Cost: It’s free! No membership needed. Free is always great!

Support system: Who can be more supportive than the people who love you? They can’t run or hide. The fact that you all live under the same roof means your family can hold you accountable. Encourage everyone to join in and watch the impact. Write down family and personal goals. If a family member is trying to improve their health, this is a very powerful motivator for the others to offer support.

Feelings of warmth and connection: Whatever is done in love renders love. Kids and adults are both wired to seek enjoyment and connection. The more fun times you create, the more you will crave. Go all out to try new activities that everyone enjoys. Mix it up. One day, play Wii Sports. The next night, try dancing. Pull out a few jump ropes and have a contest. Take a walk after dinner and kick around some snow. Prepare for a family 5K and keep track of everyone’s progress. Snap pictures and hang them up for all to see. Share them on social media. The time spent together will be memorable and precious.

So go ahead, call a family meeting! Round up the kids and make room in the living room. Family fitness is simple to execute and may be the secret weapon you have been looking for.