Improve Your Life Through Vastu


Cowritten by Michael and Robin Mastro

Vastu is yoga for your home, and shares many similarities with the Chinese tradition of feng shui. Both aim at keeping energy in your home or office flowing. Both posit that blocked energy could possibly create stress that might affect your health, career, finances and more, limiting your fullest potential.

After making recommended changes in lifestyle, such as diet, exercise and stress management to improve your health, vastu may also help you attain your health goals.  For thousands of years, people in India used the tradition of vastu to support their relationships, finances and health. Vastu is considered a sister tradition of Ayurveda, which is the ancient healing system of India. During an Ayurvedic consultation, patients were often also given vastu suggestions for their homes as part of a holistic approach to personal well-being.

According to vastu and Ayurveda, the five elements of earth, water, air, fire and space make up our body and our surrounding world. In vastu, these five elements correspond with the compass directions. In Ayurveda, these elements influence your health by being organized through the body in specific patterns. Vastu tradition says that the alignment of these elements may make a home or office less stressful, influence health and improve quality of life.

  • In vastu, the northwest area of your home is associated with the air element, which affects relationships and communication. Vastu tells us that when the air element is balanced, you may experience more harmony in these areas of your life. Traditional Ayurveda knowledge also says that this element affects the nervous system and the mind. If it is blocked in the body, you could have trouble with sleep, anxiety and/or depression.
  • To unblock the air element in the northwest area of your home and improve health and relationships, vastu recommends decorating with light blue colors. Wind chimes and pictures of the sky can also be used to stimulate the flow of energy.
  • In vastu, the northeast area of your residence is associated with the water element, which tradition says plays an important role in growth in life, such as prosperity. Ayurveda says that the water element is represented in the body through the reproductive, urinary and lymphatic systems. These systems are particularly important for moving fluids around and out of the body. If the energy flow is blocked within this area, tradition states that fluids within the body might back up and cause obstructions to normal tissue growth.
  • To unblock the water element in the northeast area of your home, vastu tradition says that you should add a small tabletop fountain and decorate using accents of light yellow. Pictures of the ocean, sea or rivers can all help increase the flow of energy in this area.
  • Vastu says that the southeast area of your home is associated with the fire element. According to the Ayurveda tradition, it is connected to your digestive system, which may impact your energy levels. When there is balance in the fire element, tradition says your energy should be good. When the energy is blocked, vastu says that digestion may be disrupted, which may contribute in some ways to food allergies and fluctuating blood sugar levels. Blocks in this direction may also make you feel tired.
  • Traditional ways of balancing the fire element are decorating the southeast area of your home with pictures of the desert and using accents of warmer colors, like rose. Consider adding a Himalayan Salt Lamp for its many beneficial healing properties.
  • According to vastu, the southwest area of your residence is related to the earth element and feeling supported in your life as well as in your career. Ayurveda says this earth energy may be closely related to your lower back. When this area is blocked, the Ayurveda tradition says you may experience lower back pain, insecurity or feel unable to move forward in your career and connect to your life purpose.
  • According to vastu tradition, you can restore balance in the earth element by decorating the southwest area of your home with green plants. Use accents of warm, earth-tone colors, such as taupe, and add pictures of mountains.

Finally, vastu says that reducing clutter in all areas of your home will also help restore balance of the five elements.


Much of the information presented in this blog comes from The Way of Vastu, by Michael and Robin Mastro, two of the foremost Western scholars, teachers and practitioners of the science of vastu. For more than 40 years, the Mastros have been helping people reduce the stress in homes and workspaces, eliminating the need for remodeling or demolition. Their individual and corporate clients experience more peace, productivity and success in all areas of life. For more information on vastu, please go to