Juice Diets and Your Skin

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The new “it” diet these days is a detox, or more specifically, a juice cleanse. And while loading up on fresh juice can have positive effects on your health and beauty, there are a few sins juice is guilty of. If you don’t watch out for them, you could end up experiencing some negative impacts instead of reaping the potential rewards.

Here are two ways to juice for the maximum beauty benefits:

Avoid a Sugar Rush

Most store-bought juices are loaded with skin-destroying sugar. (Excess sugar attacks skin’s youthful collagen and elastin—eek!) So first of all, either buy fresh-pressed juices or make your own at home with a juicer. Sometimes, the fruit you put into it can just simply have a high natural sugar content, which still affects your skin. Instead, go for juices that contain less fruit and more veggies. This will allow you to still consume all those nutrients, but also stop premature wrinkles.

Pack in the Protein

Aside from being a key component for your body to function properly, protein is also essential for promoting healthy hair, nails and skin. Drinking primarily juice will inhibit you from getting the protein you need. To remedy that, add protein powder or peanut butter to your juices before blending. Plus, protein will help your body better absorb all of the good-for-you nutrients.

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