Keratin in Hair Care: Hope or Hype?

Curly Long Hair. High quality image.It seems like every commercial or advertisement for the latest and greatest hair product is bragging about one specific, standout ingredient: Keratin. But what is it and is it worth the hype?

You might associate keratin with the semi-permanent hair treatment that includes this ingredient in the name. Since recent reports have advised against these types of straightening procedures because of unsafe additives in the mix, it’s simple to pin keratin as an ingredient we should run from. But this is actually far from the truth. Experts agree that keratin’s protective qualities can do wonders for your locks. “It’s a protein that forms a film on hair strands, creating a scaffolding-like structure that’s suitable for all hair types,” says cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson.

This barrier between your hair and the environment will protect your ‘do from the elements – and the frizz, dryness and damage that come along with it.

So the next time you see a keratin-packed hair product, don’t run from it. Different types of products suit different hair types, so find one for your specific concerns and see how this little buzzword can make a big impact.

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