Q & A With Fitness Expert Jay Cardiello

Athlete running road silhouette

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jay Cardiello, a fitness professional, author, and TEDx presenter who beat the Guinness World Record for one-minute chin-ups earlier this year. Read on to find out how he trained for this event, stayed motivated, and achieved his goals.

What motivated you to take part in the pull-up challenge?

My motivation stems from my desire to help people see that whatever setback they may have gone through, or are going through, it is only just that: a setback. It doesn’t define you unless you let it. I broke my spine in an athletic injury, fracturing my tailbone, which required 13 surgeries and two spinal fusions. Recently, I was hospitalized again and had to receive two more surgeries. It was while I was recovering from surgery that I had to give myself a purpose, something that I could focus on. So, I filled out the application. I am turning 44 this year and will not let a number nor a label define my life.

What did the training entail?

I have been visualizing setting the record for about six months, while training has been an intense three months. I begin my training with various mental protocols: reading my incantation, visualization, and a hot sauna. Most of my physical training consists of repeated sets of chin-ups while wearing a 40-pound weight vest strapped to my body.

How do you stay motivated?

My son Max is what keeps me motivated. Recently, he stated that he would like to be like me when he gets older. Knowing this pushes me past any fatigue or pain so that I can be his hero.

What are the highs and lows of training?

Every day is a high. I have gratitude for every day that I can train. Even being in the hospital just back in July was not a low. It was a situation that made me excited to show people that I can overcome any barrier in life.

What inspired you to pursue fitness training?

I have gone through the worst of times to give people the best of times. This is just another way that I can provide people with the ability to see that whatever life may hand you it’s your choice as to whether or not you will succeed. 

Do you listen to certain types of music when you train?

I’m not one for music but I do enjoy listening to Jim Rohn, Joel Olsteen, Connor McGregor, or Tony Robbins while I train.

What type of food do you eat or avoid when training?

My diet is fairly clean. I’m in the health and wellness industry so I like to walk the walk in terms of following the advice I give to clients. However, I do focus on sleep. It sets the tone for health and not enough attention is focused there. Sleep is the new sexy and people need to invest in it.

What other records do you hope to break in the future?

I am focused right now on giving my son the Guinness World Record letter that has my name on it. It says World Record Holder 1-Minute Chin-Ups. That’s all.