Save Your Winter Skin With 5 Easy Tips


Here it comes… the time of year that everyone gets a little drier and a little itchier.  As cold weather settles in, there are several reasons that skin becomes drier and then eventually, itchy and uncomfortable. First is the dryness of the season itself. Cold, winter air is drier and more arid as compared to tropical, warm air. Additionally, indoor forced heat is also very drying which makes it almost impossible to avoid dry skin conditions in the winter.  To warm up, often people take hot baths or showers and since hot water strips the skin of its natural oils, this soothing ritual can also worsen dry, parched skin.  All of these issues add up to make the winter the worst season for dry, itchy skin. But there are some easy fixes to keep the skin well-moisturized and comfortable.

  • Reduce the temperature of the water in the bath or shower.
  • Switch to a moisturizing body cleanser rather than soap during the winter.
  • Add a humidifier to your bedroom at night to increase the humidity in the air.
  • Wear cotton clothing rather than wool which can cause itchy skin to feel worse.
  • Find the right moisturizer for you and then use it liberally, especially after getting out of the shower or bath to lock the moisture into the skin.

Good, effective hydration from a moisturizer is key to preventing dry itchy skin. But the positive effects of moisturizing only come from regular use of the product. That’s why it is so important to determine what is the best product for you, because if it feels good on your skin, you are more likely to use it consistently (and then get the results you want).