Science and Love: Picking a Virile Partner

Heart fried eggs

Let’s say you or a friend of yours is trying to pick a partner to get pregnant with – it’s fun after all and the perfect thing to do on Valentine’s Day – what would science have to say about it?

Three new research studies came out in the past weeks that could help you decide on the guy to choose. Consider these questions when deciding on the best partner to pick:

1. Does your partner want to exercise with you?

2. Does your partner watch TV mostly while standing?

3. Is your partner not French and does not use aftershave?

If you answered “Yes” to all three questions, go ahead and seduce him. Here’s why.

In the first study, couples that exercise together regularly reported better and more frequent sex. You may not like to see sweat on public speakers, but you apparently get turned on by it and want to see it on your honey, even if you do not think so. Exercise stimulates the production of make-you-happy brain chemicals, and increases your libido and your feelings of arousal. (Even I love to watch Nancy exercise.) And if that isn’t enough reason to exercise, try these:

Working out with your partner demonstrates that you care about his or her physical health – and your own.

It lets them know you like to spend time together; it builds trust and interdependence as you both work to expand your endurance and physical abilities.

When you and your honey workout together, you’re more likely to stick with the exercise routine.

In the second study, couples going for infertility treatment with a male spouse that watched 20+ hours of TV a week while seated had 44% lower sperm counts – enough to cause infertility – and 30% poorer sperm quality – enough to cause no egg penetration. No egg penetration? Heck, that means even if the sperm get there, they can’t make the egg happy.

And the third study found that Frenchmen who used products like aftershave and deodorants containing phthalates, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, had 1.9 % lower sperm per year and 1.3% poorer sperm per year for the last 19 years.

So for best fertility and brainpower in your offspring, pick a partner who isn’t sweet smelling, doesn’t watch much TV, and who wants to exercise regularly (and not just in the bed) with you.