Small Changes That Can Transform Your Stress


Stress affects millions of Americans and can lead to sleep troubles, relationship problems and other negative health effects. That’s why finding new and creative ways to reduce the stress in your life is so important. Here are some ways to relax and eliminate the stress in your life.

Find Out Your Stress Type

Part of knowing how to fix something is getting to the bottom of why it’s broken. Each person has different ways that they approach stress and, as a result, may need slightly different techniques to bring their stress levels down. Finding out your stress type is a great way to figure out how your brain works and what solutions might work best for you.

Eat Right

At times of trouble, we tend to turn to comfort foods to make us feel better. The thing is, these comfort foods have been found to do very little to comfort us or improve our mood. To make matters worse, they’re often the worst foods for us, leading to weight gain and putting us at risk for disease. A variety of foods can help reduce your cortisol levels, which helps you more effectively bring stress levels down a notch.

Find Shortcuts to De-Stress

In times of crisis, you need a few simple techniques to get back on track as quickly as possible. By finding relaxing shortcuts to conquer your stress, you can briefly step out of a situation to regain your composure. Deep breathing, meditation and yoga are all stress-reducing techniques that can be employed in a short amount of time.

The key is knowing how your brain and body respond to stress. By finding the key triggers in your life, you can start to work on ways to bring your stress levels down.

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