Stay Motivated to Get Fit This Summer

Fitness woman training shoulders

Staying motivated in the summer is not an easy task. Most people spend the entire winter in the gym getting prepared to expose their new, fit body in the summer. The motivation to look great for the summer is high, and so are expectations. The majority of people expect drastic weight changes in their body to occur within weeks.

However, once the summer hits, gyms become a desert and studios get quieter than the library. People lose the motivation to exercise and forget about all the hard work they accomplished over the harsh winter season. People become complacent with their earned goals and feel they don’t need to work out for the summer, so they don’t. Others don’t even come close to their goals so they feel the summer is here and there is no need to exercise anymore until winter. Either way, they mentally give-up. They lose focus and motivation. If you happen to fall in this bracket, you should know you are not alone.

Staying motivated to exercise throughout the summer is challenging but not impossible. There are many ways to increase your level of motivation to exercise during the summer. Here are my top 6 ways to stay motivated to exercise during the summer.

1. Train outdoors
Don’t be afraid to face the heat, exercising outdoors in small increments has its benefits. Sweating is the body’s mechanism for cooling itself down. Just make sure to drink plenty of water.

2. Create cue card
Put daily reminders to work out on your phone, bathroom vanity or on your computer. This will assist in keeping you accountable to yourself.

3. Be real
Find a picture of yourself in which you do not like and hang it somewhere so you can see it every day. This will play as a role in keeping you motivated. The same works the other way around, as well.

4. Practice the half method
Cut your workout time in half. If you train for 60 minutes during the winter then train for 30 minute in the summer. No matter how hot it gets, just tell yourself you can do anything in 30 minutes.

5. Keep it
Keep what you have worked so hard for. If you don’t exercise continuously, throughout the summer, you will lose all you have gained or lost.

6. Set small weekly goals
Make sure to complete each task with a reward when completed or a penalty if not completed. You will be surprised at the outcome.