Sweet Benefits of Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Most people make the connection that our outer environment is often a reflection of our inner emotional state.  If we are feeling stressed, angry, or upset, we can often notice the impact on our home, car, work environments, and even self-care and grooming. Things can quickly get messier, dirtier, and less organized when we are struggling with extra stress and pressure. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the influence between our emotional state and our environment is not a one-way street. Our outer environment can influence our inner state as much as our inner state can impact our outer environment.

Not only does our inner state impact our environment and vice-versa, but also our inner state can influence how we perceive our environment.  Feelings of stress or anxiety about things that are out of our power or control can often be diminished by exercising influence over our environment and creating an orderly and organized personal space.  So, cleaning and organizing our personal spaces can make us feel better when we are doing it, and we can also later feel better by just being in a cleaner more organized environment.

In addition, research has shown that a simple 20-minute low intensity workout three times a week (like cleaning your house) was found to increase energy levels 20% and decrease fatigue by 65% in sedentary people complaining of fatigue. The really interesting part is that those who stuck to strictly low-intensity workouts saw significantly better results than those who actually exercised much harder.