Tackle Your Under-Eye Circles

Face cream womanThere are tons of causes for the shadowy, unwelcome guests that cloud our under-eye area. The blueish, purple rings aren’t just associated with getting older — people of all ages suffer from dark circles due to a host of reasons ranging from heredity to allergies. But thanks to thinning skin combined with lifestyle factors such as chronic stress, drinking, smoking and sun exposure, under-eye circles can take a turn for the worse.

3 Fixes That Work

Beginner: Concealer
To effectively cover a dark under-eye area with makeup, choose a creamy concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skintone. Make sure to go with a blend that contains yellow undertones, which help neutralize a purple cast.

Intermediate: Eye Creams and Serums
Don’t shoot the messenger, but most dermatologists contend that despite product claims, so far, no skincare product has been scientifically proven to combat under-eye circles. That said, like makeup, some can improve their appearance. Look for an eye cream or serum that contains light-reflecting pigments, which scatter light to deliver a sort of “mirage” effect that visibly brightens dark areas. Hydroquinone or kojic acid will help lighten the area if you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation issues. (That’s when the under-eye skin itself is dark, and your circles are not due to the blood vessels below the surface.)

Advanced: Cosmetic Enhancements
When all else fails, visit a dermatologist to determine what more aggressive measures you can take. Chemical peels can sometimes improve the condition, and many derms swear by laser resurfacing — which will usually vary from doctor to doctor — to treat the problem. One leading Beverly Hills cosmetic derm combines non-invasive blue light therapy with a Coolaser treatment to battle dark circles.

Tear trough injections are also gaining in popularity. This is when a plastic surgeon or dermatologist injects a tiny bit of hyaluronic acid filler in the hollow ring under your eyes to plump up the skin and make blue vessels under the skin less noticeable. It also gives the area a plumper, younger look, which is always welcome.

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