Take Part in World Intervention Day


If I can do it – you can too; help someone you care about, love even, take a step to getting better from what ails them. In my non-profit life, I founded Artists Helping Artists in an effort to make a difference in the entertainment field to those struggling with addiction and mental illness. Through banging the intervention drum we work to encourage and inspire folks and family members all over the planet to make an invitation to change.That’s just what intervention is – making an invitation to change!

World Intervention Day (2nd Thursday each December) is dedicated to raising the bottom of those struggling with alcohol, drugs, obesity and mental illness through intervention.

So many make the choice to suffer alone or to watch someone they love affected by self-harming behaviors without taking action. Often times it is the path of least resistance when finding the right resources seems too exhausting. Waiting for them to ‘hit bottom’ can be a slow and painful process; together we can raise the bottom up, and get the help they need sooner rather than later. The old school intervention teaches too that you must surprise your loved one to intervene. A new movement around invitational intervention has created a whole new way to intervene and help to interrupt the crisis at hand.

“World Intervention Day goes beyond education and awareness. It goes to the core of the matter to stop addiction in its tracks. We don’t want people to suffer alone anymore,” said AHA Executive Director, John West.

Addiction is enormously costly. The government and U.S. health officials estimate that addiction and the costs associated with treatment are the #1 source of preventable death in the US, from chemical dependency and alcoholism to eating disorders, spending, gambling and more.The startling statistics show:

1 in 6 Americans report that they “drink too much,” while 1 in 20 say they have problems with extreme drinking
1 in 38 Americans has an eating disorder. One out of 10 are men; 9 out of 10 are women
1 in 15 Americans regularly uses illicit drugs
1 in 5 American adults smoke cigarettes, and $467 billion is spent each year on substance abuse and addiction

World Intervention Day offers a way to rally support for family and friends to step in with hope, determination and a plan to help a loved one in their journey to recovery.

World Intervention Day helps raise awareness and serves as a call to action to: get assessed, get stabilized and most importantly, get the help you or a loved one needs to get well. We bust the myths of change.

Intervention Need Self-Test

Has your loved one:

  1. become moody or aloof
  2. begun picking fights with you
  3. been irritable or angry all the time
  4. started having trouble getting along with bosses, colleagues, family, or friends
  5. gained or lost weight
  6. lost interest in previously enjoyed activities
  7. become withdrawn
  8. seem confused or forgetful
  9. neglecting major areas of his or her life (health, dental needs, personal cleanliness)
  10. lost a job
  11. lost relationships
  12. begun borrowing money
  13. begun covering up and lying about behavior
  14. committed a crime to get money for the addiction

If you see something, do something! Refrain from staying quiet and simply hoping. DO! Word Intervention Day is your opportunity to do something different and help someone you love.

Behind a behavioral crisis and the refusal of help, the resounding “NO!”, there’s a “YES” dying to come out. It is never too late to get help.

Call To Action:

Get the help you or a loved on needs by calling our hotline, visiting our partner websites, and take action to stop addiction in its tracks:

Intervention HelpLine: 800-763-1597
Intervention and Treatment Help at www.Change.us

If you want to get involved with Artists Helping Artists, please contact our Executive Director John West: John.West@AHAhelps.org or our Founder and President Brad Lamm: Brad@Change.us