5 Benefits of Lifting Weights

Gym woman weightlifting

How many times have you visited your gym and caught sight of the cardio machines jam packed with women and the weight room filled with men? Many women are under the misbelief that the weight room is only for muscular body builders. But weight lifting isn’t just for those looking to get big and bulky.

There are plenty of benefits to adding weights into your gym routine. Besides getting totally toned, check out these benefits of adding lifting to your workout.

1. Increased Muscle Mass
Weight lifting will help to reduce the speed of muscle loss (sarcopenia) as you age. This loss of muscle can start as early as your twenties.

2. Increased Bone Strength
Women tend to have less bone density through aging than men. Lifting weights can aid in the increase of bone density which can help slow or reverse the effects of osteoporosis.

3. Better Stability
Falling can be fatal. Though nothing guarantees that you won’t fall, weight training will ensure stronger muscles, which means more stability. The majority of those who experience bad falls is usually associated to poor balance and weakened muscle fibers.

4. Improved Daily Activities
Lifting weights will force your muscles to work more efficiently. Everything we do requires some kind of physical movement. These movements include sitting, standing, running, walking, sleeping, lifting, pulling and other daily movements. Lifting weights can help you achieve proper execution of these complicated movements.

5. Lowered Blood Pressure
In the long term, lifting weights can reduce your blood pressure. You will not only create beautiful muscles, you will stimulate increased blood flow to the muscles you are using. As your muscles strengthen, it takes less work to make them contract, which means your heart doesn’t have to work as hard. This lowers your blood pressure and resting heart rate. However, while you’re in the midst of lifting your blood pressure may temporarily rise, so people with uncontrolled high blood pressure or significant heart problems should check with their doctors before starting a weight-lifting program.