The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

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If you’re looking for a beauty change in 2014 but aren’t ready to commit to a full hair overhaul, bangs are a good way to tiptoe into something new. Indeed, cutting bangs transforms your entire look. The key to success is knowing what length and style of bangs work for your face shape. By finding the right style to complement your specific facial structure, you can up the impact of your haircut and flaunt your most gorgeous features.

Face Shape: Heart
Best Bangs: Full Fringe
Lucky for all you heart-shaped beauties, bangs, by their very nature, draw you into the center of the face. This creates a harmonious balance in your proportions, and brings the focus to your most memorable feature: your eyes. Try full bangs that reach around and sit behind the ears.

Face Shape: Square
Best Bangs: Side-Swept
Your cut should contrast with your prominent jaw line for a pretty, softening effect. Avoid a blunt look—it could make your face look boxy. Instead, go for a feathered, side-swept bang paired with a deep side part.

Face Shape: Oval
Best Bangs: Any Style!
Oval shaped faces are the lucky ones and can wear anything since it’s the most balanced of all the face shapes. So go crazy! Try whatever type of bangs you’re into. Long bangs are a great option because they’re extremely versatile. They can be worn straight down, just skimming the eyes, or swept off to the side for a wispy look.

Face Shape: Round
Best Bangs: Side Swept Wispy Layers
Complement the roundness of the face by creating movement through softness and feathering. This translates to wispy, side-swept, layered bangs that emerge from a deep side part. Avoid typical, straight-cut bangs that cover the forehead—they can visually shorten your face and make it appear wider.

Face Shape: Long
Best Bangs: Rounded
Along with layers, bangs are the perfect accessory to help add fullness to your face and visually shorten it. For these bangs, you want to connect the bangs to the outline of the cut. Avoid square corners, but rather round them out on the ends to tie it all together.

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