The Single Easiest Way to Get Whiter (Looking) Teeth

African American Woman Drinking Cup of Coffee or Tea

There’s nothing like a mouth full of pearly whites to boost your confidence and plant a big smile on your face. Sparkling white teeth are a sign of youth and vibrancy while darker, yellow teeth signal aging and all the health woes and degradation that come along with it.

Sure, committing to a whitening regimen can do wonders for your smile, if you want instant results, turn to your makeup.

I love a good lipstick, and fortunately, it can do more than make your kisser look full and sultry: It can also help make teeth appear whiter. Lipsticks or stains with cool undertones are best to diminish yellow tones in your teeth. Cherry, plum and rosy pinks are excellent colors for this.

Avoid colors that are too dark, frosted or brown-based, as they can actually make your teeth look even more discolored.

You can also take attention away from the teeth by enhancing your eyes and cheeks. Using a bold color for the eyes, creating sexy cat eyes, or sultry smoky eyes along with a neutral lip color will be a sure way to keep people looking away from your mouth. Remember, showcasing the parts of your face that you love will always allow people to look exactly where you want.

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