Under Eye Circles, Decoded

skin problemsThere are hundreds of skincare products that claim to reduce dark circles. Try doing a search and you’ll surely find yourself overwhelmed. Until you get to the root of what’s causing your shadows, it’s impossible to know which products (if any) can diminish them. Find out which one of these four types of dark circles you may have, and learn the best way to treat them.

1. Bluish Circles

Cause: Lack of sleep, allergies or nasal decongestion, stress

Solution: Fix the problem to avoid the circles. Get more sleep, get an allergy shot, or find ways to manage your stress. A caffeine-infused eye cream is your best bet for improving circulation and nixing these circles.

2. Violet-Reddish Circles

Cause: Aging and genetics: These circles are caused by a combination of thinning skin and leaking blood vessels. If you have a paler complexion, they’ll seem more obvious as well.

Solution: Try a retinol-based eye cream. It can help thicken the skin around your eyes to make the vessels less visible.

3. Brownish-Black Circles

Cause: Sun damage and genetics, resulting in hyperpigmentation

Solution: This is the most difficult type of under eye circle to treat. Try products containing retinoids and various antioxidants (like niacinamide and vitamin C), botanicals (like arbutin and soy), and bleaching agents (like hydroquinone – use it gingerly). Always protect your skin from the sun to help prevent the damage in the first place.

4. Dark and Shadowy Circles

Cause: Loss of facial volume, which causes a valley between the under eye and cheeks

Solution: Topical products will not work. Talk to your dermatologist about using fillers to plump up the lost fat pad between the eye and cheeks.

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