What’s New in Skincare for 2016

What you doing up there?

Every year, it seems as though a wave of lasers, light-based treatments, and injectables are introduced to the public. Some are welcome additions, while others are disappointing and don’t live up to their marketing hype.

Here are several new technologies and treatments that were introduced in the latter half of 2015 that I believe have the effectiveness and safety to be some of the most popular treatments for 2016.

The New “It” Laser for Rejuvenation

One of the newest lasers for rejuvenation, scars, and pore size is a novel, first-of-its kind hybrid laser system called the Halo. It is a hybrid device which means it delivers two laser wavelengths (ablative and non-ablative) in a single treatment. Combining the laser wavelengths allows multiple skin issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, brown spots, and dullness to be addressed at the same time. With minimal discomfort and recovery time, this innovative hybrid laser treatment could help restore and rejuvenate skin.

Say Goodbye to a Double Chin

The new injectable drug, Kybella, can help get rid of some submental fullness, better known as chin fat. Until recently, liposuction was the only option available to reduce a double chin, and it required an incision and some recovery. Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that our intestines use to break down fat in the foods we eat. This therapy uses that same action to help break down unwanted fat under the chin. After a series of injections – as little as two and as many as six – fat is dissolved and reduced without surgery or incisions. Another great option for a full neck is a procedure called, cryolipolysis. This technology harnesses the power of cold to permanently reduce the number of fat cells in the double chin area with little swelling and bruising. So if losing the double chin is on your wish list, 2016 might be the year to try it.

Turn Back the Hands of Time

Radiesse has the distinction of being the first injectable filler that gained FDA approval to plump aging, volume-depleted hands.  It is a dermal filler that improves the appearance of hands while also possibly stimulating the skin’s own natural collagen to deliver long-lasting results (up to a year in some cases). In my experience, two sessions of a modest amount of Radiesse delivered about a month apart can help to minimize swelling and bruising after treatment. If sun spots on the hands are also a concern, Radiesse can be performed on the same day as a light-based treatment to lighten the discoloration. Since the recovery of both treatments is approximately the same, it’s a perfect combination to have done together to achieve great results on the hands with as little recovery as possible.

Before going for any of these treatments, you’re of course going to have a conversation with your doctor or dermatologist. They’re right for some people, but not necessarily right for all, especially since they’re new. But they might be worth asking about to see if 2016 might offer new options for healthier, better-looking skin.