Why Taking 15 Minutes to Focus on You Isn’t a Waste of Time


We all lead busy lives, and it’s so easy to say that there’s no time left in the day to focus on ourselves. Juggling schedules and trying to maintain a work-and-life balance can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you’re a nurse working a 12-hour shift, a surgeon, a stay-at-home mom, CEO or host of a daytime talk show; it doesn’t matter. We all need time to unwind so we can revitalize ourselves. Using a small pocket of time each day can reap big rewards.

Every day, schedule 15 minutes for just you. Spend this time alone without any distractions. This time is used to disconnect, clear your mind and enjoy the stillness. This isn’t time to pay the bills or clean up the toys scattered on the floor from your children or pets; it’s time to relish the silence and restore the calm.

First, decide in which part of the day you would like your 15 minutes. Will it be early in the morning before your day begins? Maybe you would like a midday restorative break or one later in the evening. You need to decide which part of the day those 15 minutes work best for you. This is a very valuable 15 minutes. You will not be wasting any time because you are focusing on you. Spending this valuable “me” time each day may help clear your mind and help you manage stress.

Once you’ve established which part of the day works best for you, decide how you would like to spend your 15 minutes. Taking this time is like finding your bliss.

Use this valuable time to meditate, read a book, flip through a magazine or listen to soothing music. Surround yourself with the beauty of the outdoors. Maybe you will stare at the sky and admire the stars. Perhaps you will sit under a tree and listen to the birds, or go for a calming walk to admire the beauty right in front of you. Maybe you will use your 15 minutes to take a warm bath (my favorite) or just sit quietly with your eyes closed to enjoy the quiet.

Being empowered and in charge of your health is what healthy living is all about. Remember: Those 15 minutes is never a waste of time. You deserve it.