Winter Blues? Try These 5 Mood Boosters

Do the dark dreary days of winter have you feeling down? You don’t have to splurge on a new pair of shoes or break your bank account to pep up your mood. Instead, lift your spirits with these 5 fun and simple tips!

1. Spice It Up: Good Mood Spice/Herb Blend

This spice blend from my Secrets of Longevity Cookbook will help restore your happiness and alleviate stress. You can easily mix this tasty spice blend yourself. Fresh is best; when possible, grind your own spices from the original dry source. Store in a glass jar for up to six months. To use, simply add the spice blend to your meals just as you are finishing cooking the dish – about 1 minute before you turn off the heat. Add to your soups and stir-frys, as well as veggie, fish, bean or grain dishes.

Mix 1 tablespoon each:

• Lavender

• Dried and crushed rose

• Dried sage

• Chili powder

• Ground saffron

• Ground cardamom

• Dried rosemary

 2. Stand Up and Smile

Sitting at a desk all day and staring into the screen can zap you of your energy and drain your mood. To get out of your rut, all you have to do is get back on your feet! Yes, it is as simple as taking a few moments to stand tall, stretch your arms, and wiggle your toes and fingers. A boost in circulation will deliver much needed oxygen-rich blood to your cells. You will feel an instant surge in your mood and energy level. Smile while you stand! A smile will trigger the release of serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical that will instantly perk up your mood.

3. Count Your Blessings

Over time, negative thought patterns may eventually contribute to depression, anxiety, and possibly an unfulfilling lifestyle. On the flip side, more positive thoughts can instantly lift your spirits and change your outlook. Try the following exercise: Each day, write down at least three things for which you are grateful. Instead of dragging yourself down with what you wish you had, boost your mood by acknowledging all the things that you do have at this moment. You will begin to see that your glass is half full with abundance!

4. Crank Up the Radio

There is nothing like your favorite tune to instantly make you feel like a rock star! Whether you enjoy jazz or the latest pop music, studies indicate that listening or creating music can potentially treat depression and help in pain management. Try to listen to music that triggers happier thoughts and memories or calms you if you feel especially stressed. After a few minutes, you may find the urge to shimmy or perhaps enjoy a deep meditation. Whatever your choice may be, make sure to have your favorite go-to list of tunes on handy for an instant lift!

5. Be Rainbow Bright

If your closet is full of gray and black, it may be time to add a splash of color! Just changing out of your usual monochrome dark colors can instantly lift your spirits. In particular, bright shades of red, pink, and yellow are best for stimulating your brain. Even adding just one or two brighter items to your closet is all you may need to enhance your mood.