You Are What You Drink


You’ve heard the expression “You are what you eat,” but I want you to expand it today to include “ …and drink!”

You truly are what you eat and drink (and smoke and swallow). Since our bodies are mostly just a bunch of water (liquid neatly contained within skin, organs and bones), what we put into ourselves in a glass changes how we feel and who we are.

I am what I drink.

Mmm, think about that!

There’s plenty of good stuff available for you to introduce into your beautiful body, besides simply upping your body’s caffeine quotient with another cup of coffee.

In addition to filling up a nice big bottle of water to drink from during the day, I’m excited to share with you how tea truly can be mood changer for each of us.

In 2012, I went to the ends of the Earth to discover some awesome mood changers. In Peru, I learned how native folks there had cultivated plants, leaves, veggies, fruit and treasures from Mother Earth to quench our natural thirst for what we need. For thousands of years, they had practiced and perfected different ways to meet the body’s need for life.

In the old days, tea meant one thing – cut black tea leaves, steeped in hot water then poured into a cup. Teatime today is a whole lot bigger and better in 2013! I want you to consider a new definition for tea today: any leaf, seed or food you steep in hot water before drinking. That’s right! You can think outside the bag and make teas out of many ingredients.

At my wellness clinics, Breathe Life Healing Centers, we have a ritual of teatime each night for clients. It is so great because it brings the community together around the concept of making something special to put in you, but also feeds us in the different ways we consume stimuli – through our eyes, nose, ears and tongue.

When you ID what you’ll make tea from (as I write today I have cut some rosemary leaves from the patio and chopped them to combine with some lemon zest) you’re already feasting with your eyes! Breathe in as you pour the hot water over the yummy leaves, plant skin, etc., as your tea begins to come to be.

See the green or yellow – all the colors we combine to make this special stuff. Be sure to check out how rosemary leaves – and even chocolate! – invite us to be calm and cool and better in our moods. Plus, see how different teas can offer a variety of health benefits.