The Benefits of Colostrum for a Healthy Gut

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Written by Dr. Mark Grabowsky

Colostrum has been edging its way into the world of health and nutrition lately, and for a good reason. This substance is packed full of antibodies, nutrients, and immune factors that can support a healthy gut, along with many other impressive benefits.

Before getting into the specific benefits of colostrum for a healthy gut, let’s make sure we understand what colostrum is. Read more  »

Your Gut Bacteria Gets Jet Lag, Too

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Written by Dr. Alan Greene, MD

Many processes in our bodies are orchestrated on a 24-hour schedule called the circadian rhythm.

When we travel between time zones faster than our internal clock can adjust, we experience jet lag – which means our internal clock is out of sync with local time. We notice this with difficulty being alert during the day and trouble sleeping at night. We might not notice it, but our physical and mental performance may be impaired as well.

Fellow Travelers

We carry within our gut about 100 trillion bacteria, each with their own internal clock. The composition and function of our gut bacteria changes predictably over the course of the day. Normally, these bacteria, our immune system, and our internal clock all communicate with each other and sync up.

When we travel rapidly between time zones, our bacterial schedule can be in disarray – just like the rest of us. Read more  »

New Breast Cancer Guidelines Recommend Later Screening Less Often

Middle Aged Woman Getting Mammogram

When to get screened for breast cancer with a mammogram has been under debate for years, with some professional organizations recommending the early and often approach and others questioning the usefulness of mammograms all together. Now the American Cancer Society (ACS) has weighed in with new guidelines about when to get screened. The recommendations could affect the way women across the United States get screened. Read more  »