How to Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season

Christmas new year dinner group concept

Written by Anthea Noel, RN

Notice your pants feeling tighter these days? With so many holidays revolving around food this season, it can be tricky trying to keep the pounds at bay. Now that December is in full swing, how are you doing? By keeping portion control and physical activity in mind, you can leave the holiday parties (mostly) unscathed. We are not yet out of the woods as we embark on celebrations full of delectable delights and seasonal treats. But there are some surefire ways to stay healthy during these festive months.


An Inside Look at the Rhoden Family Murders

the entrance to the house closed with the yellow tape

Written by Laura Pettler, Ph.D., LPI

Last week on The Dr. Oz Show, we tackled the murders of the Rhoden Family in Pike County, Ohio. On the night of April 22, 2016, eight members of the Rhoden family were murdered in their homes across four crime scenes. While eight murders “at one time” meets the general definition of mass murder, my overarching opinion was that they were actually individual murders most likely committed by more than one offender at the same time. Not including serial homicide, generally speaking, murder is conflict resolution for the offender or offenders. Let’s take a closer look at the Rhoden family murders and my unofficial profile of the killer or killers.


New Book Calls for a Seismic Shift in Our Healthcare Model


A prevailing tenet of medical science has held that our genetics are entirely predetermined, with little we can do to change what nature has decided for us. Students of medicine and many laypeople alike may indeed accept this as fact. However, a new book from Kenneth R. Pelletier, Ph.D., MD, presents a very different picture. Change Your Genes, Change Your Life picks apart our current understanding of genetics, and it’s available now.