How to Treat Sun Spots

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Summer is a great time to accumulate some fun memories and experiences with the family. Unfortunately for a lot of women, it’s also a time to accumulate sun spots. In general, there are two types of dark spots that can develop on the skin after excessive sun exposure. Freckles are those small tan or brown spots that develop on sun-exposed areas that will completely fade once the fall or winter comes and excessive sun exposure is reduced. Freckles are more common in children or young adults. A solar lentigo (or lentigines) is a sun spot that does not fade once sun exposure has diminished and more often seen in adults. These are the not-so-nice reminders of a long summer of sun and are very common among people of all skin types. Here are a few simple steps to help deal with them. Read more  »

Sharecare Top 5: Natural Mosquito Repellents That Really Work

Summer is in full swing, and that means you’re probably spending lots of time outside. But while outdoor activities like camping, hiking and backyard barbecues are a lot of fun, chances are you’re also dealing with something else a bit unpleasant: Pesky mosquitoes. They can turn a perfectly good time into an uncomfortable, itchy nightmare. Not to mention, mosquitoes can carry diseases like malaria and West Nile virus. Now, you could reach for some DEET, which has been found to be both safe and effective at repelling mosquitoes. But, what if you’re worried about putting pesticides on your skin – or your child’s? That’s where these five natural mosquito repellents come in.

1. Go herbal
Want a natural bug repellent that you can grow in your very own garden? Try lemon balm. It has high levels of citronellal, a compound that mimics citronella, which gives the herb a lemony scent and flavor that mosquitoes find unpleasant. Just crush some lemon balm leaves in your hand, rub them on your skin and let the mosquito-repelling powers kick in. Watch this video with naturopathic doctor Pina LoGiudice to find out what else lemon balm can do.


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Travel Tips: Relieve Headaches, Jet Lag and Digestive Issues

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The season of vacation and weekend getaways is fast approaching. Travel and recreation are lots of fun, so don’t let a headache, jet lag, or upset stomach get you down!

1. Press Here to Relieve Headaches
Whether it’s the airplane altitude or your kids asking “are we there yet?” for the millionth time, a headache can creep up during times of travel. Acupressure is the ideal on-the-go treatment for headaches, because you don’t need anything but your own two hands. When you experience a headache, blood vessels are contracting and producing pressure, inflammation, and pain. In traditional Chinese medicine, we view this as a signal from the body that there is a blockage of energy and blood. Skip the over-the-counter medicine and try pressing the Wind Pond point instead. Read more  »

Vegan Paella

Vegetarian paella with corn

If you love Paella but prefer to save a few shrimp, have we got a recipe for you! This dish is packed with tons of vegetables that can help boast your fiber needs for the day. Research shows that a diet high in fiber may help in the prevention of heart disease and diabetes. In addition to being high in fiber, this dish is also a great source of vitamin C (found in the red pepper, tomatoes, and broccoli) and for the vegan in you, it doesn’t have a lick of animal product in it! Get the recipe.

Summer Swim Safety


Nothing can make the summer heat melt away faster than a dip in the water. Whether in a pool, an ocean or a lake, my kids and I love taking a swim to cool off and get some exercise. But in the midst of the splashing and fun, it’s important to make sure that you’re keeping yourself and your family safe.

Believe it or not, about 10 people die from accidental drowning every day. One in 5 of these are children ages 14 and younger. And according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for every child who dies of drowning, there are 5 more who are treated in emergency rooms for nonfatal water-related injuries that can result in brain damage and long-term disability. Make sure that you know the simple safety tips that could save your or a loved one’s life.

Major risk factors for drowning are inability to swim, unsupervised or poorly supervised water access, failure to wear life jackets or other flotation devices, alcohol use and seizure disorders. For adults and adolescents, alcohol is involved in 70% of water-related deaths. Eighty percent of drowning victims are male, and children between ages 1 and 4 have the highest drowning rates. Location matters too. Young children are most likely to die in home swimming pools, while the bathtub is a more common site for people with seizure disorders.

Here’s how to stay safe in the water: Read more  »

5 Ways to Get Rid of ‘Chicken Skin’

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It’s shorts and sleeveless season – and that means about 40% of us will notice hard little (occasionally itchy) bumps scattered on our arms, shoulders, backs, butts or thighs.

The annoying yet harmless condition is known as keratosis pilaris. A variant of eczema, the bumps tend to plague people who have a family history of atopic dermatitis – or dry skin marked by scaly patches. If you’ve tried to treat this stubborn condition before, you know that regular cleansers have no clearing effect.

The problem starts when extra skin cells cluster around hair follicles, causing a knob to form and elevate. The hair can then get trapped underneath the cells, sometimes turning into a brown or red dot that you can see in the center of the bump. Unfortunately, there’s no cure or way to entirely stop the process yet, and the summer heat and humidity can trigger the condition. Read more  »

Today’s Headlines: Alzheimer’s Prevention, Friendship & Genetics, and Prostate Cancer Treatment

Diet and exercise effective in fight against Alzheimer’s: A Swedish study of 1,260 at-risk individuals shows lifestyle changes can help in Alzheimer’s prevention. “Half were randomly assigned to get an intensive lifestyle makeover, with both group and individual nutrition advice, an exercise trainer, and a nurse or physician who made sure they took their medications. In addition, these volunteers benefited from a social support system. The other half received appropriate health care, but not at the intensive level the intervention group did, and without the social support of their fellow participants. After just two years, the group that group that got the lifestyle makeover were in much better shape.” (TIME)

New study shows genetics may help people choose friends: Our friends are as similar to us genetically as you’d expect fourth cousins to be, according to the study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This means that the number of genetic markers shared by two friends is akin to what would be expected if they had the same great-great-great-grandparents.” (Washington Post)

New study offers evidence against effectiveness of testosterone therapy in treating prostate cancer:Dr. Lu-Yao and her colleagues followed tens of thousands of men with early prostate cancer for as long as 15 years and found that those who received androgen deprivation therapy lived no longer on average than those who did not. The study joins a growing body of evidence indicating that for many men with early prostate cancer, avoiding testosterone-suppressing drugs altogether may be better than grappling with their potentially devastating toll.” (NYT)




Fitness FAQ: Desk Job Workout

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Kari on Facebook asked: Can you put together a routine that we can do when we have a desk job?

Answer: Hello Kari, I have a wide range of exercises you can do right at your desk. One of my favorite exercises while sitting at the desk is what I called the seated jacks. This is very similar to jumping jacks without the heavy impact on your knees. The second one is a seated leg stretch, which will help to relieve tension from your lower back and increase blood flow and range of motion in the back of your thighs (hamstrings). You can also check out my No Excuse workout series for some more great movements you can do in the office while sitting down. Read more  »