Today’s Headlines: Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo’s Cancer Battle, Adidas Using Ocean Plastic, Energy Drink Dangers Revealed

Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo kept cancer battle under wraps. When Black Eyed Peas member Taboo started noticing pain in his back and abdomen, he wrote it off as a symptom of the flu and continued working. Eventually, a life-saving visit to the emergency room revealed that he had stage 2 testicular cancer. Throughout 12 intensive weeks of chemo, his band members and family kept his spirits up, giving him the motivation to keep pushing through. These days, he is celebrating every day and chronicling his experience with music, so be on the look out for new tracks in the future. Speaking of looking out, here are the testicular cancer symptoms to look out for so you can catch the disease and stop it in its tracks. (PAGESIX)

Adidas pushes the boundaries with their new shoe design. Soft, airy, understated, and nautical, Adidas’ newest running shoes are made up of actual plastic found in the ocean. Last year, the brand expressed interest in climate change and pollution awareness, and this year they’ve made good on their promises with this eco-friendly shoe. In 2017, they hope to create one million pairs from more than 11 million plastic bottles. This is one earth-friendly change you have to sea to believe. (GLOBALCITIZEN)

Research exposes detrimental effects of energy drinks on young adults. A Pediatric Emergency Care report surveyed participants from 12-18 years of age and found a link between energy drink consumption and side effects like headaches, anger, and difficulty breathing. These beverages contain unusually high levels of caffeine, sugar, and other stimulants that can cause unpleasant physical and behavioral side effects. One popular beverage, Monster’s Mutant Drink, has more than twice the sugar found in a candy bar and over 100 milligrams of caffeine. Looks like those Red Bull wings come with a cost. Know someone with a sugar addiction? Here’s how to help. (TIME)

Today’s Headlines: Yo-Yo Diet Dangers, Drones, Ashley Graham’s Plus-Size Barbie

Yo-yo dieting carries an unexpected risk. We all know the benefits of staying within a healthy BMI range, but if you are one of the many women who crash diets, you may be doing your heart a serious disservice. While most of us think there’s nothing wrong with losing and gaining 10 pounds here and there, the American Heart Association has actually found a link between weight fluctuations and sudden cardiac death. The findings show that yo-yo dieting four times or more increases the risk of heart-related incidents. If you are ready to quit the rollercoaster diet habit, check out these tips. (TODAY)

The drone craze hits home in a whole new way. Featured in all the latest music videos and YouTube clips, it’s hard not to appreciate the cool-factor that a drone provides. But for one man, this device helped him uncover a lot more than he bargained for. After becoming suspicious of her whereabouts, he used this camera to capture an aerial shot of his wife with another man and then broadcast it on his YouTube channel for the entire world to see. Ouch. Have you ever wondered what causes people to cheat? It might come down to genetics. (INSIDE)

Model Ashley Graham had specific instructions for her new Barbie. This week, plus-size model Ashley Graham was presented with a Barbie version of herself at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards. Known for being outspoken about body acceptance, she requested that her creation had cellulite and thighs that touch to make it as realistic as possible. While some suggestions couldn’t be brought to fruition (cellulite and plastic are not a match made in heaven), the doll does have a curvier figure than it’s predecessors, making it a major coup for women everywhere. (NYPOST)

Today’s Headlines: Martha Stewart Launches a New Fragrance Line, Blood Facials, Childhood Bullying and Obesity

Martha Stewart, lifestyle maven, releases new line of fragrances.  Ever wondered what Martha Stewart’s home smells like? As arguably one of the most famous homemaking experts around, many fans would jump at the chance to find out what her preferred scents are. Looks like the wait is over. Martha’s new collection of home fragrances features scents inspired by her bucolic surroundings, think: fresh lemon and basil, figs, and cool cucumber water. Having guests over and worried your house is disheveled? Spritz one of these fragrances from room to room and trick your friends into thinking you have it all together. Best yet? Certain fragrances are proven to improve your mood. What’s not to love? (PEOPLE)

Blood facials are a new hit in the world of skin care. Tired of living with blotchy skin and the dreaded wrinkles? Barbara Sturm, dubbed the mother of vampire facials, has come up with a $950 facial cream called simply MC1, made with the proteins from each client’s blood. Winning over celebrities and beauty gurus alike, this treatment is performed in one of Sturm’s Düsseldorf or Munich spas and requires your blood to be drawn so it can be made into a face cream all your own. We’ve already heard of snails and placenta used in beauty regimens so this should come as no surprise! (FOX)

Studies find link between childhood bullying and obesity. A recent study at King’s College London shows that childhood victims of bullying are twice as likely to be overweight by the time they turn 18. The research indicates that 28 percent of those children studied had been bullied in either elementary or middle school, and 13 percent had been bullied at both schools. This finding is alarming on a physical and psychological level and shows that changes need to be made to prevent the trend from worsening. Whether your child is being bullied or just feeling anxious in general, here is how to help. (PSYCH)

Today’s Headlines: Studies Show Correlation Between Alcohol and Heart Health, SNL Honors Leonard Cohen and the Election Results, Laughing Gas on the Rise for Natural Births

Scientific evidence links moderate drinking to overall heart health. Good news for those of us who enjoy imbibing every now and then: It looks like that glass (or two) of merlot can make your heart happy. Nearly 100 studies show that moderate drinkers have fewer heart-related events, including deadly heart disease. Ready to stock your liquor cabinet to the brim? Not so fast. Since alcohol is toxic and can lead to liver issues and other emotional and physical maladies, moderation is crucial. But if you were on the fence about having a glass tonight, here’s the green light. Cheers! (TIME)

SNL‘s Kate McKinnon sings her way through Saturday’s cold open. Did you turn on the TV Saturday night hoping for a cathartic laughing sesh? Us too. In what was quite possibly the most somber cold open SNL has seen in some time, Kate McKinnon paid respects to the death of musical legend Leonard Cohen and also bid adieu to the prospect of Hills in the White House in one fell swoop. With strong vocals and an earnest rendition of “Hallelujah,” it was hard to hold back the feels, which is maybe what was needed most of all. And don’t forget: Laughing out loud can help you ease tension, making shows like SNL the perfect remedy for good health. (TODAY)

Hospitals now offering laughing gas for women in labor. If you’re a mommy-to-be and you’re anti-epidural, you might think the prospect of giving birth is no laughing matter. But wait! Doctors are now recommending laughing gas for pain management during labor. Popular during the 1800s to 1950s, this pain relief in the form of giggles is seeing a resurgence in 2016. With more and more families on team natural birth, this offers the perfect solution to help you laugh your way through the delivery. (COSMO)

How to Make a Healthier Mac & Cheese

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Today’s Headlines: Breast Cancer Deaths On The Rise, The Link Between Worrying and Heart Disease, and Smoking Cigarettes Can Lead to Genetic Damage

In a report presented this week at the World Cancer Congress,  the American Cancer Society predicts a dramatic rise in cancer deaths among women over the next 15 years. By 2030, 5.5 million women worldwide are expected to die from cancer — a 60% increase from the 3.5 million who died in 2012. Experts believe that poorer countries will experience the most significant increases in cancer deaths. Compared to other types of cancer, breast cancer causes the most deaths among women. According to recent figures, women diagnosed with breast cancer in high-income countries have a 85% five-year survival rate; women in lower income countries have a five-year survival rate of 60% or less.  “It’s not shocking,” said Dr. Nestor Esnaola of Fox Chase Cancer Center Temple Health, “but gives a fairly sober summary of what’s happening at a global level.” Female cancer deaths cost countries around the world $286 billion each year. (CNN)

New research shows that those who constantly worry about falling ill have a significantly higher risk of heart disease. Over 12 years, researchers studied the health data from more than 7,000 people, paying specific attention to heart health. They published their results in the journal BMJ Open. “We found there was a surprisingly strong association between levels of health anxiety and the risk of ischemic heart disease,” said Line Iden Berge, the lead researcher. “In the long run we now know there could be some severe consequences in the body.” People with this type of health anxiety — estimated to be 5-10% of the population — have a 70% higher risk of coronary artery disease, according to the study. Still, it’s unclear whether such risk is the result of health anxiety alone, or the result of more general anxiety. (TIME)

A study published this week in the journal Science underscores the extraordinary damage cigarettes can inflict on the body. Smoking cigarettes can cause up to 150 harmful mutations in lung cells in a single year if you smoke a pack a day. Such harmful changes, which also affect the bladder, liver, and throat, occur at the genetic level. “Before now, we had a large body of epidemiological evidence linking smoking with cancer,” said Ludmil Alexandrov of Los Alamos National Laboratory, “but now we can actually observe and quantify the molecular changes in the DNA.” The new findings revealed by Alexandrov and his fellow researchers offer even more insight into the number of tobacco-related deaths each year, estimated to be about 6 million. The World Health Organization predicts that, over the next 10 years, 1 billion people worldwide could die from a tobacco-related condition. (Reuters)