Today’s Headlines: Madonna’s Daughter Takes Home Gymnastics Medals, 1,400 People Waitlisted for LBD, Study Finds Risks of Going to Bed Angry

Madonna’s daughter wins big at gymnastics competition. It looks like talent is a family trait in the Madonna household. On Sunday, the pop star was beaming with pride on social media when she announced that her 10-year-old daughter Mercy took home four medals at a recent gymnastics competition. Madonna adopted Mercy at an orphanage in Bvumbwe, when she paid her first visit to Malawi. She also adopted her son David Banda, 11, on that trip, from a different orphanage. At a recent charity event, Madonna showed her support for her children’s birthplace when she raised $7.5 million dollars. Want to make your kids healthier? Taking part in sports is a great start. Find out what else you can do here. (PEOPLE)

1,400 people on wait-list for little black dress. We’ve all heard of the “LBD,” the little black dress that always fits perfectly, accentuates the right places, and camouflages the others. This coveted wardrobe staple is often hard to find, but now clothing company MM.LaFleur is making it easier than ever by creating the magical LBD that flatters all women. When the company released its “Tory” dress last year, it had a 1,600-person wait-list. This year, the “Casey” is causing a huge stir with more than 1,400 people on the wait-list so far. With women wearing these dresses during pregnancy, to the office, on a night out, and everywhere in between, this dress is as multifunctional as it is comfy. Want to learn some other slimming wardrobe secrets to keep in mind? Try these tips! (TODAY)

Study uncovers dangers of going to bed angry. That famous saying “Never go to bed angry” seems to have some serious credence now. In a study published in the Nature Communications journal, scientists found that your brain changes the way bad memories are stored while you slumber, making it more challenging to forget or ignore these negative feelings in the years to come. Using a technique known as “think/no-think,” 73 male participants were tested on their abilities to suppress memories. They found that memories were more difficult to un-see once they have been processed during sleep. Now we know why so many people recommend making up before you hit the hay. Do you know what your sleep type is? Find out today. (GUARDIAN)

Today’s Headlines: Mila Kunis Gives Birth, Nestlé Plans to Cut Sugar, Magic Mushrooms Help Cancer Patients

Mila Kunis gives birth to baby boy. Sources confirm that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have welcomed a second child this past Wednesday, November 30th. While no name has been released yet, we do know the gender of the baby thanks to a minor slip-up from Kutcher on the Today show. When Savannah Guthrie asked him how his daughter Wyatt is adjusting to her mother’s pregnancy, Kutcher said, “She points to Mila’s belly and she’s like, ‘baby brother’ and then she points to me and goes ‘beer!’” The married couple who met on the set of That ’70s Show when they were just children themselves, have spoken about wanting a huge family, so we can expect more adorable and genetically gifted babies on the horizon. If you are planning to get pregnant or are currently expecting, here is the definitive guide to what you can (and can’t) eat during pregnancy. (E!)

Nestlé plans to cut sugar in chocolate. The Swiss food company that is responsible for long-adored treats like Kit Kats, Yorkies, and Aeros, has discovered a way to structure sugar differently so that they can use less of it without compromising the flavor. With the sugar dissolving faster, the tongue registers the same amount of sweetness without having to use the same amount. Since sugar has been held responsible for the growing obesity epidemic, this scientific breakthrough should be well-received by chocolate fans the world over. Love to snack on chocolate? Here’s a healthy treat you can enjoy guilt-free! (GUARDIAN)

Magic mushrooms help cancer patients. Studies have found that psilocybin, known as a “magic mushroom,” can relax cancer patients. Doctors found that the substance reduced stress and sadness in 80 percent of participants and many found that even one use registered as a supremely meaningful experience. For one breast cancer patient, taking this drug gave her a sense of connection with the world and made her feel like she was part of something bigger. Even after she came down from the high, she still felt peaceful and calm, instead of experiencing the dread she was accustomed to. Have you heard of “eating the rainbow“? It might have cancer-fighting powers. (NBC)


How New York City Police Are Taking on the Drug Overdose Epidemic

The drug overdose crisis that has swept across our country affects us all, but some areas have been hit harder than others.  In New York, the borough of Staten Island has some of the highest rates of overdose deaths in the city.  With a population of less than half a million residents, the inhabitants of this island are truly feeling the effects of this epidemic.  The story of one man’s death made national headlines when his journal, which chronicled his struggle with addiction, was discovered by his mother. We recently hosted his mother and brother on the show to tell more of his story so we can all learn from it.


Today’s Headlines: Gilmore Girls Stars Discuss Reboot, Son Takes Mom on Fairy Tale Trip, Study Finds Further Benefits of Coffee

Gilmore Girls stars discuss the reboot. More Gilmore Girls may be on the way. Now that the long-awaited Gilmore Girls reboot has arrived, plenty of hardcore Rory and Lorelai fans are left wondering if there are more episodes to come. Without giving anything away, the very anticipated last four words have provided a lot of room for more storytelling. When asked about the likelihood of another batch of episodes, Lauren Graham shrugged and said, “The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger, don’t cha think?” So there you have it. Fans will have to wait and hope for more. (TODAY)

Son takes mom on fairy-tale trip. After Barton Brooks’ father, Karl, passed away, he made it his mission to help his mother, Carla, recover from the devastation. Along with his partner, Gregg, they embarked on a European trip with 20 stops, significant because Karl had suffered a stroke 20 years before his passing and Carla had been taking care of him all that time. The trip began with a castle tour in Northern Wales, and Budapest will be the next stop. When asked how she’s enjoying the trip, Carla said, “It’s stunning, we’re just loving it!” Need help learning how to cope with grief? Check out these useful resources. (PEOPLE)

Drinking 3 cups of coffee may reduce dementia risk. A new report has found a link between caffeine and dementia. Scientists claim that drinking three cups of coffee daily can help increase the amount of antioxidants that flow through your body, which can help fight off “toxic clumps” that build up in the brain and lead to dementia. Even moderate consumption has been found to potentially stave off Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders. Though it is still unclear how coffee prevents cognitive decline, experts seem to think that it has to do with the stimulation of the central nervous system. While only further research and time will tell how strong this correlation is, these findings do provide good news for java lovers everywhere. Check out this slide show to learn more about the pros and cons of drinking coffee. (DAILYMAIL)

Today’s Headlines: Jennifer Aniston’s Husband Surprises Her, Little Boy Helps Sick Kids, EPA Releases List of 10 Chemicals for Review

Jennifer Aniston reveals husband’s surprise. As she explains on The Ellen Degeneres Show episode airing today, Jennifer Aniston didn’t expect to spend Thanksgiving with her hubby this year. Justin Theroux, who is currently in Germany for work, told his wife he wouldn’t make it home this time around. When Aniston delivered the news to their friends, she couldn’t help but notice their crestfallen faces. But the disappointment didn’t last long, when it was time to bring out the turkey, in walked Justin himself, carrying the turkey, or as Aniston puts it, “There was another turkey holding that turkey.” Cue the “awws” heard ’round the world. (PEOPLE)

Boy makes stuffed animals for sick children. While many of us have grown cynical about today’s youth, there’s one special 12-year-old who is changing all of our perceptions. Campbell “Bumble” Remess loves coming home and sewing, which is how he got the idea to make hundreds of toys for sick kids. Even his mom tries to convince him to take a break to play video games or watch movies, and he can’t help but sneak back to the sewing room and continue working. He has made 800 stuffed animals and countless children smile since he took up this hobby a few years ago. While we’re on the topic of being charitable, meet the doctor dancing all over Boston. (TODAY)

EPA selects 10 chemicals for review. The Environmental Protection Agency has released a list of chemicals that they deem potentially harmful to human health. Chemicals included on the list were asbestos, and carbon tetrachloride, among several others. Sonya Lunder of the Environmental Working Group Action Fund says, “Today’s historic action by the EPA will finally begin the process of restricting the remaining sources of asbestos, which is responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths.” With a new law making it easier for certain ingredients to be banned, this review may have implications on the products we buy in future months and years. Wondering where else dangerous chemicals can pop up? Check your family’s clothing. (NBC)

Today’s Headlines: Andy Cohen Talks Cancer Scare, California Announces Netflix Tax, Turmeric in the Spotlight

Andy Cohen reveals cancer scare. Bravo’s Andy Cohen recently revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer when he was on Live with Kelly. Close friend Kelly Ripa urged him to go see a doctor when she noticed a black mark on his lip. After some convincing, he decided to take her advice and went to a dermatologist who determined it was melanoma, the most harmful type of skin cancer. Luckily, he was able to get it removed quickly and has since changed his thinking about excessive tanning. Think you only need sunscreen in the summer? Think again! (PAGESIX)

California announces Netflix tax. After announcing a 9.4 percent tax on video streaming, the Pasadena city council has received a lot of flack. Designed to compensate for lost revenue from people quitting cable TV and home phone lines, this tax is being treated as a “utility expense,” much to many residents’ chagrin. Thanks to plenty of opposition, this tax is on hold, but it’s still causing a lot of TV bingers to question these policies. Planning to do some binge-watching soon? Here are some healthy snacks to eat during your TV marathon. (CBS)

An ancient spice is in the spotlight. Turmeric, a spice that has been enjoyed in Asia for more than 4,000 years is finally seeing some positive attention in the United States. Thanks to recent medical research that shows a link between turmeric and illness prevention, lots of Americans are taking an interest. Beloved by mega-celebrities Queen Bey and GOOP goddess Gwyneth Paltrow for some time now, many claim that this warm and peppery spice can make your skin glow and provide lots of anti-inflammatory benefits. Want to learn more about the glory of turmeric? Check out these seven health benefits. (TODAY)

Today’s Headlines: Leah Remini Fights Scientology, Dog-Lover Helps Homeless Pups, New Patch Tests Sweat

Leah Remini continues taking a stand against Scientology. Former Scientology member Leah Remini has detailed her experience with the church in her tell-all Troublemaker and is now continuing her fight against the organization. Referring to the church leaders as bullies, she vows to continue supporting the victims of Scientology who have been ostracized for leaving the church and labeled enemies. Want to learn more? Listen to Leah Remini discuss her Scientology struggles. (E!)

Dog lover spends $50,000 to help injured homeless pups. A long time ago, when California native Annie Torres would see homeless dogs in need of medical help, she’d put their vet bills ahead of her own needs, surviving on cheap hot dogs and macaroni just as long as they got the veterinarian care they needed. Twenty years later, she’s solely responsible for saving more than 200 dogs, to the tune of $50,000. Last year, she created the nonprofit Crash Fund to provide spaying and neutering for local dogs and raised $10,000 in the process. It’s easy to see this dog lover is totally paw-some! Dr. Oz has a soft spot for canines too. Meet his newest four-legged family member! (PEOPLE)

New technology tracks health and wellness through sweat. Researchers have created an experimental device, similar to a FitBit, designed to assess the biochemical components within your sweat to determine acidity level, sweat loss, amount of chloride, glucose, lactate, and more. These findings can measure hydration levels and electrolyte loss so you can determine when it’s time to refuel, which will make your workout more effective. Afraid your patch will slip off like a loose Band-Aid? No sweat! It’s designed to stand the test of time and stay in place. Find that you’re sweating too much? Here are some surprising reasons why. (CBS)

5 Things to Know About Flossing

healthy teeth

Written by: Dr. Matthew Messina, D.D.S.

As we all know, flossing was in the news in 2016, and some media reports focused on the benefits of cleaning between your teeth while others showed some skepticism. However, I can’t state it clearly enough: using an interdental cleaner (like floss) is an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reaffirmed flossing is “an important oral hygiene practice” in an August 2016 statement.

In honor of Flossing Day, here are five things you need to know about this important cleaning tool: Read more  »