Sharecare Top 5: Fourth of July Safety Tips, Migraine Maintenance Quiz, and a Quick Tip to Sleep Easier Tonight

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This week on Sharecare we’re preparing you for a safer holiday, helping you improve your eye health and testing your knowledge on mind-blowing migraines.

1. Don’t let minor mishaps – think mosquito bites and sparkler burns – ruin your Independence Day celebrations. Instead, check out these five ways to have an awesome – and safe – Fourth of July.

2. Did you know that about one in three women in the U.S. will have a hysterectomy before age 60? If you’re considering getting a hysterectomy, get the facts on whether you really need it – and what to expect during and after the procedure.

3. Head-splitting migraines are more than just painful – they’re almost unbearable. Take our quiz to see what you know about migraines and find out the best ways to ease the throbbing aches.

4. Trouble sleeping? Try this to get some shut-eye tonight: Go for a walk! Watch this video to learn why it helps and discover other cardio activities that are good for deeper sleep.

5. It’s not always easy to tell how healthy your eyes are. Take our assessment to receive personalized recommendations to protect your vision and reduce your risk of common eye problems.

Stressed Out? Don’t Fall Into These 8 Common Traps of Negative Thinking

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When you’re dealing with stress, it’s easy to think in distorted ways, and this often leads to the pitfalls of negative thinking. We’ve all engaged in this before, but the good news is that just noticing that you’re doing it is often enough to get you to stop.

I’ve listed eight of the most common negative thinking patterns below and you’ll probably recognize a few familiar ones that you use. So be on the lookout and notice if you start to engage in any of these – and then throw them out with the trash! Read more  »

You Wanted to Know: Skin Care for Those With Sensitive Skin


Having sensitive skin can be a real challenge. It often means forgoing certain types of soaps, buying products without fragrances and dealing with unexpected rashes from everyday exposures. While skin care is tough at any age, skin care at the beginning of life can be a particularly difficult challenge, which is why I wanted to talk about a question Lanie put to me through Facebook this week.

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Eczema is a fascinating skin condition that carries with it many misconceptions. Before getting directly to Lanie’s question, I want to take a moment to touch on what we know about eczema. Read more  »

Learning to Relax When You’re on Vacation

senior couple beach sunset sunrise Summer is finally here, which probably also means you’ve been planning some sort of a vacation for a while. I like to try and make a trip of some sort with my kids and grandkids every year. But while I can often find a few vacation days to get away from the office, I sometimes find it tough to really relax when I’m away. Before we all head off on vacation, I wanted to go through a few problem points when it comes to relaxing and some strategies to make your vacation a real break from work. Read more  »

Sharecare Top 5: Stay Fit While Traveling, Proven Ways to Lose Weight, and the Latest News on the Trans Fats Ban

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This week on Sharecare we’re helping you shed those last pounds, keeping you updated on the most recent disease outbreak and giving you tips to stay in shape during your next business trip.

1. Summer bodies are usually made in the winter, but if you want to have a beach-ready bod now — it’s not too late. Lose weight with these simple slim-down strategies that will have you excited about getting into that bikini.

2. MERS — short for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome — is the latest deadly virus making global headlines. But should you be worried? Find out more about the cases in Korea and China and if MERS is a threat here.

3. While it’s been talked about for years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially announced its decision to bar artificial trans fats from processed foods. Get the details on what this means for the future of your health — and which common foods may still contain trans fats.

4. Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, it can be tough to get in a workout on the go. But what about that downtime between flights? Check out these toning and stretching moves that you can squeeze in during a layover.

5. Grandparents have a special bond with their grandchildren, but they may not have the latest safety information to take care of them effectively. If you’re a grandparent, get up to speed on updated health and safety guidelines you may not know.

How to Avoid Extra Pounds on Vacation

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Vacations are a special time to explore, relax and enjoy oneself. How thrilling it is to get away from the routine and disconnect from the office, housework, emails and meetings. Most of us return refreshed and renewed with a little pep in our step after leaving behind our cares for a while. Unfortunately, feeling lighter refers only to our emotional state and doesn’t reflect our actual weight. In fact, studies show during each weeklong vacation, the average person gains three to five pounds. Remember this is an average, yet based on travel location and access to food like on a cruise, one could easily see those numbers double. Read more  »

Why Men Should Visit the Doctor’s Office

generations of menI see men all the time in my office with a selective vision of how to care for their health. They tell me that they do things like workout with friends on the weekend or skip dessert a few days a week. But when I ask them when they last had a colonoscopy or checked their blood pressure, most go silent. I completely understand the temptation to think that you know best when it comes to your health. The problem is, most men are more likely to skip a visit to the doctor than admit something is wrong. A study published recently found that only half of men could remember the last time they saw a doctor. Skipping regular visits can lead to big problems down the road if uncontrolled health issues go unnoticed or untreated. In the spirit of Men’s Health Week, I thought I’d give you some insight into what the man in your life should be paying attention to. Read more  »