How to Keep Your Body Skin Looking Young

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If you’re like us, you have a gunky body scrub sitting in the shower that hasn’t been uncapped in a long time. (We won’t ask how long if you don’t!) Between cleansing, conditioning and shaving, reaching for that jar can feel like an unnecessary indulgence when you’re just trying to get in and out and done. Read more  »

Makeup Tricks to Look More Awake

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After months on end of a demanding job, family responsibilities, travel and just life, one day you realize that you look tired All. The. Time.

The best way to change this is, of course, to establish a healthy sleep schedule. But there are a few things you can do to fake it ’til you can catch up on those zzz’s. Your eyes are a dead giveaway, so focus your energy on making them brighter, and the rest will fall into place.

Conceal like a pro
Most concealers are designed to cover redness and breakouts, so they tend to be too yellow to correct under-eye darkness. Instead, tap a concealer with peach undertones onto the area for coverage that blends seamlessly into your skin. Read more  »

Stress and Your Skin

Yoga and Relax

I am a dermatologist who specializes in skin cancer and cosmetic treatments to help rejuvenate the skin. I offer my patients a variety of laser procedures and injectable treatments on a daily basis, all with the intention of making people look younger and better.

While these treatments can provide meaningful results, I sometimes wonder whether a more cost-effective approach would be investing in our own well being. Read more  »

Let Your Inner Beauty Shine With Positive Thinking

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Have you ever seen someone on a happiness high? A bride at her wedding, a newly promoted employee, a father holding his newborn for the first time, or a grandmother getting a hug from her grandchild? Smiles, laughter, confidence, optimism and self-esteem can instantly transform someone into the most beautiful versions of him or herself.

Researchers have found evidence that positivity is essential to good health. According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking has been scientifically linked to longer lives, lower rates of depression, better immune function and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. One study of college students found that people who based their self-worth on how they looked, how well they did in school or other external factors had more stress, anger, interpersonal conflicts and did not score higher in their schoolwork compared to students who based self-worth on being a virtuous person or setting their own standards. Read more  »

Exercise and Your Skin

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From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, it has been said that the average American puts on about 1-2 pounds, with overweight and obese Americans often gaining up to five. For me, personally, I choose to try everything in moderation, rather than depriving myself of the delicious festive food and drinks. But, the strategy that helps me the most is making sure that, despite the deviations I might make from my usually healthy diet, I always maintain my commitment to regular exercise. If anything, I even try to increase the amount of exercise I do this time of year, so my efforts the rest of the year don’t all go to waste. Read more  »

4 Ways to Nurture Your Winter Skin

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Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm, when winter arrives you’re probably unpacking your coats and wooly socks and cranking up that thermostat. But sometimes your skin pays the price of staying warm and toasty. Heaters can suck humidity out of the air, zapping your skin of the moisture it needs to stay soft, smooth and inflammation-free.

Space heaters, central heat, wood burning stoves and fireplaces can all decrease air humidity, though steam heat may add some moisture back. Even the extra hand washing that you should do during winter months to stay healthy can dry out skin on the hands and lead to uncomfortable cracked knuckles.

As the skin dries, small cracks can form and allow allergens, irritants and even bacteria to enter and generate inflammation. This can lead to a host of skin problems including the worsening of any pre-existing skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Luckily, there are many simple things you can do to help keep your skin glowing during the winter season. Here are some suggestions endorsed by the American Academy of Dermatology: Read more  »

4 Must-Haves for Glowing Skin


We often use the expression “skin deep” to say something is a bit shallow, but in reality your skin is your body’s largest organ – which means taking care of it is essential for true head-to-toe health.

While you can’t stop the clock on aging altogether, you can slow it down considerably at your skin’s cellular level. And it may surprise you to discover that to do just that, you should spend as much time in the grocery store as in the beauty aisle for optimal results. Here are four secrets for how you can get clean, fresh, supple looking skin: Read more  »