How Anthea Embraced Her Emotional Eating


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The one thing I was taught and have learned about stress is that it is inevitable. We all have some form of stress and manage stress in different ways. I remember back in nursing school we learned to categorize stress. Good stress is more of a beneficial stress. Things like anticipation, butterflies in the belly – a euphoric-type stress. Bad stress is stress from things like death, sickness, financial woes, or things of that nature. We learned that some stressors weighed in more than others. Management of stress determines the manner in which stress affects us. Stress can affect us psychologically and in many cases physiologically. Read more  »

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Viewer Chelsea struggled with her weight at a young age, but having three children put her at her heaviest weight ever. Turning to emotional eating to help cope with the loss of her mother and the stress of everyday life, Chelsea was on the border of diabetes and joint pain when she decided to make a healthy change.

She lost 100 pounds by following the rule of less when it came to her diet. Each week, she would do just a little less, like eat less fast food or reduce her portions to a little less, until all those little lesses added up in a big way. She also learned to rely on running instead of eating to help deal with her emotions and stress. Read on to see how her progress is going! Read more  »