Watch The Voice Awards Live

The 2016 Voice Awards recognize leaders in the film and theater industry who portray people with behaviorial health conditions in a powerful and meaningful way, including showing the support system around them. Watch the show live below, including the presentation of the SAMHSA Special Recognition Award to Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

Take a Tour of Dr. Oz’s Office


After an early shoot at The Today Show this morning, Dr. Oz stopped by his office next to the Radio City Music Hall for breakfast. Can you guess what he loves to eat? In the latest Facebook Live video, find out what he keeps in his office mini fridge and his favorite custom office mementos. Plus, stay tuned for an office tour led by Dr. Oz himself, say “Good Morning!” to The Dr. Oz Show staff, and take a sneak peek inside the whisper room where Dr. Oz records sound clips for the show.

One Woman Shares Her Experience With PANDAS


Written by the Executive Director of PANDAS Network JC Konecny

In April of 2014 something very wrong started happening with our then 5-year-old daughter. This sweet, brilliant, beautiful, thoughtful, quiet child began having what looked like panic attacks. She insisted something was stuck in her throat. We took her to several doctors who could not seem to find the source of her problem. After seeing several psychologists and psychiatrists a video of her attacks prompted one of her doctors to suggest that her illness was not psychological, that it seemed to have a physiological source. He sent us to a neurologist, suspecting a brain tumor. Read more  »

What You Need to Know About Phage Therapy



Written by Michael Bohl, Dr. Oz Show Medical Unit

On our recent show about antibiotic resistance, our guest talked about how her antibiotic resistant infection had been cured by phage therapy. In the Western world many doctors, including Dr. Oz, aren’t too familiar with this treatment. So what exactly is it? We did a little digging to better inform you. Read more  »

What to Know About the VelaShape III Treatment

Middle-aged woman holding a hand with excess fat.

Written by Dr. Anne Chapas, MD of Union Square Laser Dermatology

There is a great demand for nonsurgical body shaping in my practice. Patients typically want to improve the size, shape, and appearance of the arms, neck, abdomen, and legs, without the risks or recovery time associated with surgical procedures. One of my key body shaping devices is the VelaShape® III, an FDA-cleared medical device, that is used to renew collagen, affect the dermal structure and connective tissue to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and improve skin quality. Powered by Syneron’s elōs technology, VelaShape III combines three different energies: Bi-Polar RF (radiofrequency), IR (infrared), and mechanical tissue manipulation with pulsed vacuum. The deep heat produced by these dual energies addresses both the fat and the skin by shrinking the fat cells and stimulating collagen tightening that improves the overall skin surface for a smoother, firmer contour. The vacuum improves lymphatic drainage and allows the heat energy to penetrate deeper into the fat layers. Read more  »

Deepak Chopra’s Help Desk

Meditation pose

Deepak Chopra stopped by The Dr. Oz Show today to dish out advice for a few of our lucky viewers. But just because you weren’t on the show doesn’t mean that he wasn’t listening! See his advice below for Dr. Oz’s Facebook fan, Lynn M.:

Q: How do I find true inner peace and relieve anxiety?

A: You can only find true inner peace when you find your true self beyond ego. True self is not self-image or what others think of you. Meditation is one of the best ways to discover your true self, your soul, creativity, joy and peace.


Annabelle Gurwitch Relates to Your 4 A.M. Club Problems

ISeeYouMadeanEffortblog Find yourself tossing and turning at night, with your mind constantly running? Turns out you’re not alone. In fact, author Annabelle Gurwitch found that so many women wake up in the middle of the night she dubbed it “The 4 A.M. Club,” and made it a chapter in her new book, I See You Made an Effort. Here, Gurwitch comments on the most common sleep offenders that viewers mentioned on Facebook were keeping them up at night. Read more  »