Busy Woman’s Guide: 5 Things to Do for Your Health Right Now


“I’m just crazy busy.”

“Crazy busy?” What does that even mean? That we’re “crazy?” (Don’t answer that.) Or more than just plain “busy?” When did we allow “crazy” to describe our lives?

Today’s to-dos are never-ending. Our calendars are tightly organized by multiple overlapping colors covering any free time. In the process, good habits, like exercise and planning nutritious meals get sidelined by work, waiting for the cable guy or ferrying kids to lessons and sports practice.

So how can we take the “crazy” out? Or at least keep it from impacting our health? As an ER doctor and health company executive in my professional life, and new mom, head “what’s-for-dinner” coordinator and senior “oh-crap-we’re-out-of-diapers” gofer in my personal, I know the feeling of falling behind. But I also know a few things we can do to get back out front.

That’s the reason for our new column: Busy Woman’s Guide. Here you’ll find practical advice and information from a medical as well as a personal perspective (because I’m also right there in the trenches with you). I’ll comb through the science and the scrap, the beneficial and the bogus. Because if you have just 25 minutes, you need to spend it doing something that. Will. Work.

We’ll start with five things you can do today that science has shown will improve your health, help you stress less and boost your energy. Because you have things to do and no time for “crazy.” Read more  »