Protecting Your Hearing Well Into Old Age

woman listening to music earbuds headphonesThe last 50 years have seen a revolution in the way the music is made, distributed, and consumed. I grew up listening to records, then cassettes, then CDs and now digital files and have watched speakers get smaller and smaller. The discovery of tiny, powerful magnets have meant that we can make powerful speakers smaller than the size of your fingernail. But there’s a problem that doctors have been increasingly picking up on. These tiny speakers put into headphones and earbuds are delivering often-damaging levels of sound directly into your ears and many doctors are already starting to see a wave of hearing loss as a result. What can you do to protect your hearing? Here are a few tips. Read more  »

Powering Up Your Summer Plate

Mango,Pomegranate and Rocket saladSummer brings with it the main growing and harvesting season of the year, which means that farmers’ markets are overflowing with fruits and vegetables of amazing diversity. I like to take advantage of this season to try something new every week when I drop by my local farmers’ market. So which nutrient-packed items could you be using to power up a usually boring meal? Here are a few of my favorites to add to anything from salads to desserts. Read more  »

Staying Healthy During Barbecue Season

women men outdoor picnic barbequeI fired up the grill with my family yesterday, and I have to say that few things taste better than food hot off the grill. Unfortunately, grilling can also be a major source of food-borne illness for many summer revelers looking to enjoy the warmer weather. When cooked or prepared improperly, meat can harbor all sorts of bacteria, some of which can be deadly. To help you avoid getting sick this summer, I’ve put together a few recommendations that will allow you to enjoy the grill while keeping your family safe. Read more  »

Dealing With Burns on July 4th Weekend

Firework displayJuly 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays. It embodies the spirit of family, reminds us of our roots as a country and provides a day filled with fun and good food. Unfortunately, the weekend is also often a big one for emergency rooms across the country that see a large number of burns from fireworks and grills. So in an effort to keep you and those you love out of the ER this weekend, I’ve gathered a few safety tips to help get through the holiday. Read more  »

Learning to Relax When You’re on Vacation

senior couple beach sunset sunrise Summer is finally here, which probably also means you’ve been planning some sort of a vacation for a while. I like to try and make a trip of some sort with my kids and grandkids every year. But while I can often find a few vacation days to get away from the office, I sometimes find it tough to really relax when I’m away. Before we all head off on vacation, I wanted to go through a few problem points when it comes to relaxing and some strategies to make your vacation a real break from work. Read more  »

Why Men Should Visit the Doctor’s Office

generations of menI see men all the time in my office with a selective vision of how to care for their health. They tell me that they do things like workout with friends on the weekend or skip dessert a few days a week. But when I ask them when they last had a colonoscopy or checked their blood pressure, most go silent. I completely understand the temptation to think that you know best when it comes to your health. The problem is, most men are more likely to skip a visit to the doctor than admit something is wrong. A study published recently found that only half of men could remember the last time they saw a doctor. Skipping regular visits can lead to big problems down the road if uncontrolled health issues go unnoticed or untreated. In the spirit of Men’s Health Week, I thought I’d give you some insight into what the man in your life should be paying attention to. Read more  »

How to Keep Cool This Summer

woman drinking water hot sweatingOn my daily morning walks, I’ve noticed that temperatures have really started to climb. While hotter weather can lead to bothersome problems like sweat stains on your work clothes, the heat can also have much more serious effects. Too much time in the sun without drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion and, in serious cases, heat stroke. Before we hit the hottest part of the season, I wanted to share a few tips to keep you from getting dangerously hot this summer. Read more  »

The Number-One Way to Boost Your Health This Summer

Girl hand stop smoking in Ashtray

Patients and friends often ask me what the best thing they can do for their health is. The question makes the answer seem deceptively easy, when in fact it’s very difficult. But there is one life change a person can make that surges above all others in making them a healthier person. What is it? Quitting smoking. Now I know only some of you actually smoke, but many of us have a friend or loved on who still hasn’t kicked the habit and even more who might smoke hookahs or cigars. In the spirit of No-Tobacco Day, I want to walk through why kicking the habit and getting tobacco out of your life is one of the best things you can do for your body. Read more  »

How to Get Started on Fitness This Summer

women weights exercise happyI made my first trip to the beach with my family recently and I was surprised at how many people were out enjoying the sun in spite of the cold water. For many people, though, beach season is a source of anxiety. You’re forced to peel off the layers that have kept your body under wraps. It can be tempting to try and jump into fitness as fast as possible, but there are some key things you should think about so you don’t go overboard. Before you start skipping meals or jump on the treadmill, I wanted to run through how to best get started on getting fit for the summer this year. Read more  »

What You Need to Know About Common Cancer Screening

doctor-patientIt’s easy to feel like everything in medicine should be straightforward, but unfortunately that’s far from true. New research is constantly changing and deepening our understanding of how to keep people healthy. But I also recognize that getting conflicting advice can be tough to navigate, especially when it comes to getting screened for cancer. To help us out, the American College of Physicians, the nation’s leading organization for internal medicine doctors, has reviewed the evidence and recommendations for cancer screening to clarify what we know. I wanted to walk through their findings with you so that you can get a better sense of how to stay on top of your cancer risk. Read more  »