Vintage Oz: An Exclusive Look Back


For me, nothing sets off stronger feelings of nostalgia than looking back at old pictures. Recently, I revisited some of my favorite photos from my childhood and the early days of my career as a physician and a TV host. I couldn’t believe that the little boy driving the yellow toy car was the same man toasting to the debut of his very own television show with his friend and mentor, Oprah. You can take a look alongside me by tuning in for some of my most meaningful and entertaining vintage Oz moments on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) on weekday mornings, and you can take a sneak peek now here


Autism: What We Know


Even after decades of research into this difficult-to-understand condition, autism rates are continuing to climb. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that the prevalence of autism has risen 30% since 2008, and that one out of every 68 children in the U.S. now falls on the autism spectrum. 


Understanding the Debate on Fats

gourmet cheeseburger with mug of beer in background

Last week, I was very interested to read about the new study that suggests that saturated fat may not be as strongly linked to heart disease as we have long thought and as past studies have shown. One of the fascinating, but often frustrating, things about medical science is that many of our studies yield conflicting results. In the face of this kind of uncertainty in the medical community, what should people like you and me do when it comes to protecting our health?


Accidental Poisoning: Know What to Do

Deadly pills spilled from plastic container

It’s hard to imagine it happening until it does – discovering your child with an open bottle of Tylenol, or swallowing what you thought was a couple aspirin in a dark bathroom only to realize that it wasn’t aspirin. Believe it or not, accidental poisonings killed 33,554 people in 2011, according to preliminary data from the Centers for Disease Control. Since 90% of poisonings happen in the home, it’s important to know how to poison-proof your home and learn what to do if you or someone you love is exposed to a potentially poisonous dose or substance.


Give Yourself a Spring Break

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When I was in school, one of the best things about spring was the break. After months of being stuck indoors studying, there was nothing I wanted more than a chance to get out and let the newly warm sunshine melt away my tension. But after I completed my studies and became a surgeon, it became harder and harder to find time to take a breath. That’s why every year I make sure to remind myself to take a little “spring break,” even if I can’t go anywhere or take time off to do it. And for the sake of your mental health, I urge you to give yourself a spring break this year, too.


Colon Cancer: Ways to Lower Your Risk

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You won’t often hear me say good things about cancer, but this Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, I will tell you the best thing about colon cancer: We can beat it. More and more research is emerging that is showing us how to prevent and catch many, if not most, cases of colorectal cancer. Based on the latest data, here’s what you can do to avoid becoming a victim of the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.


Agave: Why We Were Wrong

Agave nectar

Over the past few months, I’ve become increasingly concerned about a sweetener that I’ve recommended on my show in the past. After careful consideration of the available research, today I’m asking you to eliminate agave from your kitchen and your diet. Here’s why.


5 Easy Ways to Feel Good About Yourself


This Monday, I joined my friends at the TODAY show, who were brave enough to step in front of the camera without any makeup on. I joined the nine anchors in doing the show “naked” on “No Makeup Monday” and moderated a conversation with all of them. The panel kicked off “#LoveYourSelfie,” a weeklong initiative to talk about body image, a topic I often talk about on my show. Read more  »

How to Avoid the 5 Common Causes of Age-Related Vision Loss

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One of the most obvious signs of aging isn’t something you can see – it’s actually how you see. Most people over the age of 40 will notice some change in their vision, which may worsen over time. This February, which is Low Vision Awareness Month, make sure that you hold on to your sight by keeping an eye out for early signs of the most common causes of age-related vision loss and taking preventative steps whenever you can.


5 Things to Help Your Heart (and Your Love Life) This Valentine’s Day


No matter whether you’re married, dating or single (or something in between), Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the people you love. For me, the holiday is a chance to pause and focus on how lucky I am to share my life with my wonderful wife, Lisa, and my four children. This year I’m overflowing with even more love, since I’m going to meet my very first grandchild soon.