Introducing Total Choice: The Easiest Way to Lose Weight

woman reading computer coookingIf you’re like the millions of other Americans who have tried The Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan, you’re probably about to start February at least a few pounds of lighter than you were at the beginning of January. That’s great news for your health. Study after study has shown that even small amounts of weight loss can lower your risk of diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

But I don’t want those gains to stop. The Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan showed you that you could lose weight. Now we’ve developed a plan that will pick up where The Total 10 left off. It’s called The Total Choice Plan, and it’s designed to help you continue to lose weight and maintain the losses you’ve already seen this year. I want to take some time to explain how The Total Choice Plan works. Read more  »

Making It Past the Mid-January Lag

alarm clockWe’ve made it past the third week of 2015 and I’ve already been floored by some of the results I’ve seen from friends and family on New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve also seen some success, good work. But this week I want to talk about how to get yourself through the next phase of keeping your resolutions, something I like to call the mid-January lag.

You might have started to feel it creep up on you. The first two weeks of change were easier than you thought and made you feel good about your choices for the new year. But fatigue starts to grow. Going to the gym just makes you feel tired, putting on your running shoes has become a chore, and the new healthy meals you’ve been making are starting to lose their appeal. Read more  »

How Changing Your Thoughts Influences How Cold You Feel

Woman in mountainsTemperatures have plunged in cities across the country. My wife and I have become accustomed to the morning ritual of layering on socks, sweaters, scarves, jackets, gloves and boots before braving the freezing winds that whip down our street. While no one would dispute how cold it is outside, science is beginning to find that how we experience temperature isn’t as objective as we once thought.

Ever felt hot when everyone else seems cold or vice versa? That experience illustrates that there’s more to temperature than the number on the thermometer. The first study looked at whether these feelings of temperature are contagious. They observed that human beings pay close attention to the emotions of others and those emotions can be contagious. Other studies have shown that watching other people in stressful situations causes a rise in our own stress hormone levels even though we aren’t doing anything stressful. The researchers wondered if watching a person experience cold or warm temperatures could cause the person observing to feel those temperatures as well. Read more  »

Start the New Year With the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan

woman weight loss

In a few of my recent blogs, I’ve hinted at a big new initiative I’m launching to help you meet your weight loss goals this year. I’m proud to introduce to you the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan for 2015. I’ve been testing this plan with several dedicated audience members and they’ve both loved it and lost weight already. The results speak for themselves and I’m excited to introduce the rest of the world to this fabulous diet.

The plan is straightforward, easy to follow and gives you a lot of flexibility in food choices. I want you to go to my website right now and go to the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan page. There you’ll find an easy-to-follow guide that will help you kick start a new phase in your weight loss. You should print it out, read through it carefully and put it somewhere you can refer to it easily. Read more  »

Crafting Your Goals for the New Year

2015 goals resolutions

Happy New Year! Tonight the ball will drop and 2015 will begin. It’s been an exciting year here on the show, and I have much more in store for you in the New Year. Keep an eye out! I mentioned in my last blog that I wanted to you to reflect on what goals you made for the past year, whether you met them or not and what you might have learned from them. I also asked you to think about what you might like to accomplish this year. Ready to put all that thinking to good use? Let’s do it. Read more  »

Wishing You Very Happy Holidays

holiday woman snow

The holiday season is in full swing. While family time always has its ups and downs, it’s been fun to be together in one place again. I thought I’d take a few moments away from the festivities to send you some of my thoughts inspired by the holiday season. Read more  »

Using Weight Loss to Give the Gift of Hearing


This past week I had the opportunity to meet with an inspiring pair of people. If you didn’t have time to catch the show, I was visited by Chef Kelle Elliott and her boss, Al Gabianelli. Kelle has been deaf since age 6 when a meningitis infection damaged her hearing and led to almost complete deafness. In spite of that, Kelle has learned to thrive. Her exceptional ability to read lips allows her to communicate with the rest of the world where she might otherwise be isolated. She works at a busy restaurant and has two wonderful sons. Read more  »

Clarifying This Year’s Flu Vaccine

sick woman with cough in bedFlu season has arrived, with many regions of the country already seeing a significant uptick in flu cases. I make sure to get vaccinated every year before flu cases appear to protect the vulnerable and sick patients I deal with on a constant basis. I’m sure you’re well aware of the yearly calls to get the flu shot, and I hope you’re one of the many who have already bared their shoulders to get vaccinated.

But I know there are holdouts every year, and I hope to address some common concerns I hear from viewers and patients alike who ask for my advice every year. I think this is especially important in light of recent news that the flu vaccine may not be as effective as in previous years. Read more  »

Tips for Dealing With the Inevitable Holiday Stress

stressed woman phone kidsCongratulations on making it through your first dose of holiday stress. I love Thanksgiving as much as anyone, but the coordination that goes into bringing your entire family together and arranging a huge meal is exhausting, to say the least. I got to the end of the weekend with a sense of relief that it’s all finally finished before remembering I’ll be doing it at least once or twice again in the next month. Are you feeling the same way? This week I wanted to share some of my favorite tips to help get you through the rough patches with minimal stress. Read more  »

Reframing Thanksgiving to Stay on the Weight-Loss Bandwagon

Family at the dinner table at the Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving comes with mixed emotions for many of my patients. The ones with cardiac conditions have to constantly be on top of their weight and monitor their diet closely. But for most of them, Thanksgiving is about the opposite. It’s about forgetting that diet for one day and eating a few of the things you’ve been staying away from for the entire year. Feeling accountable to your health while also wanting desperately to participate in the festivities can be a serious challenge. More often than not, Thanksgiving wins out over healthy eating.

I know that my patients aren’t the only ones who struggle with these opposing goals during the holiday season. Tomorrow, many of you will reunite with family and friends who will have put hours into the preparation of a meal for your enjoyment. While you might have been good about your diet all year, you’re going to arrive at that Thanksgiving table wanting nothing more than to throw all restrictions out the window. For many of you, like my patients, Thanksgiving will win over whatever healthy pledges you may have made. Read more  »