Fat-Free Prune & Balsamic Dressing

Pitted Prunes

I’m in love with prunes. I love everything about them. The fact that they are an easy snack to throw in my purse in the morning, that they help in keeping me … well … regular and that, as studies have shown, they help in keeping my bones strong. That’s why I really love this recipe! It allows me to take a snack staple and make it a salad dressing option. Not only do the prunes in this recipe create some fiber (how many dressings can boast that?), but they also provide an alternative to the fat, making this option less calories than traditional dressings. Get the recipe!

Peanut Butter Pudding

Peanut Butter

If you think healthy and dessert are two words that don’t go together, think again. This recipe combines both in a delicious, creamy pudding by merging two healthy and decadent favorites together. Dark chocolate, cocoa powder and natural peanut butter keep the saturated fat low and the antioxidants high. Bananas add their natural sweetness and the tofu provides plant-based protein to help keep you feeling fuller and more satisfied than you would after eating a typical high sugar dessert. See for yourself how amazing the world of healthy chocolate and peanut butter can be! Get the recipe!

Any Shape Snack Bars

Granola bars on wooden background

How much have you spent in the past year on energy bars both in terms of your wallet and in terms of your health? Chances are, both were more than you realized. Next time, take control over your food and make your own. Making your own bars can help you control portion size and calories and can also ensure ingredients found in the grocery store, not the chemistry lab. Here’s a recipe to start with! These homemade bars are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives and you won’t find any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in these tasty treats. Making your own bars is also a great way to control added sugars. So next time you’re at the grocery store, skip the bar aisle and give these homemade snacks a try instead! Get the recipe here.

Root Vegetable Orange Mash

Carrot bag

Root vegetables are nutritional storehouses. They contain essential minerals such as potassium, phosphorous and magnesium, and they taste fabulous, but many of us are stuck in a carrot and sweet potato rut. Not anymore! It’s time for some rutabagas! Rutabagas originated as a cross between cabbage and turnips and, like carrots and potatoes, they’re high in fiber and vitamin C. So buy a rutabaga, and get your masher out because you’re in for a root-licious treat!

Jicama Lime Salad


The majority of individuals can only tolerate eating so many salads with the same old romaine/iceberg blend stacked with a few slices of cucumbers and tomatoes. Try switching up your salad routine with this Jicama Lime Salad. This salad offers a spicy and citrusy explosion of flavors, with an impressive nutritive value to boot. Jicama has been touted as one of the latest superfoods because, for very few calories, it contains a high content of fiber and vitamin C. This crunchy veggie also has high levels of inulin, which promotes good bacteria in the gut! Get the recipe here.

Jalapeño Poppers


There are few appetizer recipes that provide as many flavorful ingredients as this Jalapeño Poppers dish. With a fabulous combination of flavors, in addition to the variety of nutritional benefits, these poppers bring a lot to the table. This highly nutritious dish is bursting with carotenoids, omega 3 fatty acids, quercetin, and lean protein. If that weren’t enough of a reason to serve these poppers to your dinner guests, it also accommodates dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free guests. Enjoy every bite of this delicious balance between healthy and delicious! Get the recipe here.

Vegan Gumbo


If you are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, consider adding healthy recipes like this to your dinner routine. Studies show that consuming a vegan diet is associated with lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Choosing foods that are high in fiber and low in sodium, such as this vegan gumbo, is also linked to healthier blood pressure levels. Try this vegan recipe and explore the health benefits that result from a plant-based diet approach. Get the recipe here.

Southwestern Beans and Rice


Have a craving for Mexican but watching your waistline? No problem!  This southwestern staple is packed full of flavor and fat busting nutrients. Black beans are a perfect combination of complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein. They have a low glycemic index which means they are digested at a slower rate and maintain even blood sugar levels that prevent hunger. In addition, fiber and protein help keep you fuller with fewer calories and ensures that you lose the fat not muscle. Get the recipe here!

Ginger Sweet and Sour Sauce


Sauces that are sold in your local supermarket are generally notorious for providing excessive levels of sodium. These little sources of sodium can do damage on your total sodium intake and consequently, your heart. A review of over 150 research studies suggests that dietary sodium reductions result in a significant decrease in blood pressure levels – approximately 1% lower for those with normal blood pressure and 3.5% lower for those with hypertension. The perfect solution to a quality-tasting sauce, without excessive levels of sodium is this Ginger Sweet ‘n’ Sour Sauce. Get the recipe here.

Chive Farro


Ancient grains are becoming more popular and because of that, consumers are demanding more uses for them. After all, most of us know what to do with wheat bread, rice and pasta, right? But what about farro? Farro is one of the first whole grains ever domesticated and is popular in Ethiopian cuisine in the form of a flatbread. It can also be found milled into tortillas or eaten alone with delicious spices as found in this recipe. So get some whole grains and lots of fiber today with a side dish of Chive Farro! Get the recipe here.