A Friendly Reminder to Stay Sober Behind the Wheel This Holidays Season


In New Orleans, we love to drink alcohol. So with the holiday season rapidly approaching, it would be a real travesty if I didn’t address drunk driving. Here’s a sobering thought: someone is killed in an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident every 53 minutes on average. One in three of those accidents occur with someone between the ages of 21 and 24 at the wheel and another third are between 25 and 34. Read more  »

Your Winter Skin-Saving Guide

woman washing face

OK, It’s the winter holiday season – and between the frigid and ever-changing weather, dry heating, and running around for gifts and holiday parties, my skin is having a rough time. Yours too? Not to mention, my summer regimen just doesn’t apply when it’s the dead of winter. So, to help get all of us glowing, I’ve enlisted the help of dermatologist Dr. Amy Kim, a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon at MetroDerm in Atlanta, GA. Here’s her advice. Read more  »

Common Foot Skin Problems


We all strive for beautiful, healthy skin. The market is full of thousands of skin products and moisturizers focusing on maintaining healthy skin for our faces and bodies. What about issues that affect the skin of our feet? Since our feet sustain our entire body weight when we walk, the skin on our feet may become rough and tough over time. Similarly, our feet may be susceptible to viral, fungal and bacterial skin infections. That means skin disorders of the feet may require special attention. Here are some common conditions that frequent my office. Read more  »

3 Things You Can Do Today to Live Longer

running woman exercise

Research shows that people who live a meaningful life live longer. If you want to add years to your life, start by increasing your interpersonal connections, cultivating a sense of purpose or mastery and volunteering. All of these cause a reduction in mortality risk and greater life satisfaction. Plus, you can start doing them today! Read more  »

How You Might Be Sabotaging Your Efforts to De-Stress


There are many things in life that can add to our stress levels, from work to family to the daily commute. A little stress can be good, but too much is a bad thing. Chronic high levels of stress can be damaging to your body and lead to a variety of health problems including high cholesterol and heart disease. One of the biggest challenges is acknowledging the problem and figuring out the source of your stress.

The problem is, even when you get started on removing stress from your life, sometimes old habits can get in the way of real change. Here are a few ways to keep your de-stress efforts on track. Read more  »

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


The winter holidays are quickly approaching, and we are all excited for the happiest time of the year. Everyone gathers together to celebrate the season with family, friends, fun, food, and more food. All is well, for a while, until just before New Year’s when we start to reflect on our resolutions for the upcoming year and discover that fitness or weight-loss goals top the list again. Read more  »