How to Pause, Rest, and Reset

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In addition to making dietary, herbal, and daily routine recommendations, Ayurvedic practitioners also give behavioral rasayanas. These are recommendations that prolong life and increase vitality. Behavioral rasayanas are ideas, habits, and attitudes that promote health.

One of my favorite behavioral rasayanas is to pause, rest, and reset your mind and body in the midst of activity. In the modern world, and particularly in American culture, we’re always on the go. Even when we are taking a break, our minds are still plugged into some form of technology (whether it’s our phones, laptops, or tablets) and we are actually never giving our minds a chance to stop and relax. Read more  »

What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?


Summer is the perfect time to let your feet have some fun in the sun! Between sandals and being barefoot on the beach, our feet finally get a little air after months of being shoved into heavy boots and sneakers. Although polished nails for many might be considered part of your regular beauty regime, our natural nail condition may provide valuable clues to our underlying health. Medical issues typically do not always first appear in the nails, but abnormal growth or discolorations of our nails could indicate an underlying condition of which we are unaware. Here are some warning signs to look out for: Read more  »

Sharecare Top 5: Summer Health Hazards, Tips for a Healthy First Trimester, and Ways to Stick with Psoriasis Treatment


This week on Sharecare we’re revealing insider health info from top ER docs, helping you live longer with some tips to get happy and offering a useful guide for a healthy pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy is such an exciting — and sometimes scary — time for new parents. Don’t let it worry you. Check out this pregnancy guide that will explain your baby’s growth, as well as the aches, weight gain, morning sickness and other changes that occur during the first trimester.

2. Summer’s long days and warm temps mean fun outdoor activities for everyone. But the season may also bring special health hazards — think nasty bee stings and overheating. Get advice from emergency room docs about the summer’s top dangers and what to do about them.

3. If you have psoriasis, getting effective treatment is a must — not just to relieve your symptoms and boost your quality of life, but also to protect your overall health. Find out what you need to know about being on a consistent psoriasis treatment plan.

4. Your happiness right now doesn’t just affect your life in the short term; it can also impact your longevity down the road. Learn how happiness can boost your life satisfaction and get tips to improve your outlook.

5.A recent Harvard Medical School study reviewed the accuracy of symptom checkers, but still some in the media question the results. Darria Long Gillespie, MD, sets the record straight and fills you in on what it means for your health.

With Age, the Arc of Sleep and Memory Changes

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When you sleep well, you’re making a long-term investment in the health of your memory as you age. That’s one important takeaway from a significant new study on the relationship of sleep to cognitive function. Scientists at Baylor and Emory universities reviewed a wide body of research—roughly 200 studies conducted over more than 50 years—that examined the role that sleep plays in memory and other cognitive processes. Their analysis found that making high-quality sleep a priority during youth and middle age may help guard against age-related cognitive decline, including problems with memory, many years later. Read more  »

Insect Bites and Stings: How to Prevent Them and When to Worry

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You’re out enjoying a wonderful picnic supper with your family when — ouch! You’re been bitten by a bug. Suddenly you went from having dinner to becoming dinner. Most insect bites and stings are a mild annoyance, but some mosquitos, ticks, and spiders carry disease, which can lead to serious medical problems. What can you do to protect yourself and, if you’re bitten, when should you see your doctor? Read more  »

Recovery – It’s as Important as the Workout

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Written by Sergio Rojas, certified strength and conditioning and corrective exercise specialist and certified nutrition expert

Sponsored by USANA Health Sciences

When it comes to exercise and consuming the right nutrients, I often find people are far more concerned with what to put into their bodies before a workout in order to get maximum results and far less concerned about what to put into their bodies after the workout. The truth is that your post-workout nutrition can be as important as, if not more important than, your pre-workout nutrition and could affect your long-term results.

Proper post-exercise nutrition helps with replenishing vital nutrients for your body and repairing stressed muscles, which can help you to recover more completely and aid better performance during your next workout. It’s the ultimate pre-exercise nutrition for your next workout.

Now that you understand the importance of post-exercise nutrition, the next part is finding out what to eat or drink after your workout for the best results. This will vary from person to person based on a variety of personal factors as well as the types of exercise you do. High-intensity interval training, long-distance running, and weight lifting all have different demands and create different nutritional needs.

Here are my tips for post-exercise nutrition.

Stressed Out? Don’t Fall Into These 8 Common Traps of Negative Thinking

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When you’re dealing with stress, it’s easy to think in distorted ways, and this often leads to the pitfalls of negative thinking. We’ve all engaged in this before, but the good news is that just noticing that you’re doing it is often enough to get you to stop.

I’ve listed eight of the most common negative thinking patterns below and you’ll probably recognize a few familiar ones that you use. So be on the lookout and notice if you start to engage in any of these – and then throw them out with the trash! Read more  »

How to Avoid Extra Pounds on Vacation

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Vacations are a special time to explore, relax and enjoy oneself. How thrilling it is to get away from the routine and disconnect from the office, housework, emails and meetings. Most of us return refreshed and renewed with a little pep in our step after leaving behind our cares for a while. Unfortunately, feeling lighter refers only to our emotional state and doesn’t reflect our actual weight. In fact, studies show during each weeklong vacation, the average person gains three to five pounds. Remember this is an average, yet based on travel location and access to food like on a cruise, one could easily see those numbers double. Read more  »